Is Covid a Death Tax on Stupidity?

I didn’t say cities are all going to shit…

There we go. The San Francisco stereotype, nice regurgitation. Homeless people and drug addicts don’t exist in republican cities… right. Or is it that as more people congregate they tend to be more democratic? And cities by their very nature deal with different problems than rural areas such as homelessness and drug addicts.

To me, it’s that they dont need to actually provide results if people will vote for them over and over again.

What point are you trying to make?

I can assure you that the people shitting on the streets of SF and dumping their used needles everywhere don’t care about politics. The majority of them are not living on the same plane of existence as you and I. These people will go wherever they’re allowed to shit and shoot up. SF has taken it a step further by effectively inviting them to do so.

There is epidemic levels of poverty and drug addiction in rural America.

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If you want to talk about GOP ran cities are shit and poorly governed, go for it.

But just because cities face different challenges doesn’t mean they should have more people die in violent crime than a war zone in Afghanistan and have tent cities bigger than some actual cities. That’s setting the bar low. These places the poorly ran. Clearly cities do not have to be like that.

I don’t get it either. Clearly many cities don’t suffer from the same issues around the world and in the US.

I think I’ve already stated this. Cities have unique problems and it has nothing to do with who is running them. Saying that it is because Democrat cities is an obvious attempt to push an ideology.

Poverty sure. But I didn’t say poverty now did I? I said homelessness. I wonder why homelessness is a bigger problem in cities than rural areas. Hmmm must be because… Democrats.

Oh really? Show me a city that doesn’t have homeless or drug addicts.

You don’t understand my point at all. Read the post above.

It’s not that it’s a bigger problem, we all can understand why it’s a bigger problem in cities. It’s that it’s a huge out of control problem. Cities around the world do not have it out of control like democrat ran cities such as SF. I actually lived in SF as the first place when I moved to the US. It’s gone to shit. I don’t see other cities going to shit like it.

I know you’re not this dumb. So nice try trying to play it. There’s almost no city or town or village that doesn’t have it. But it’s out of control in some cities while not so much in others.

No one is trying say the root cause of drug addiction and homelessness is because the democrats exits :joy:

Yeah. Nope. SF is the way it is because of liberal policies that are batshit insane.

The idea that the people running a city have “nothing to do with” the problems in those cities is equally insane.

Homelessness is a bigger problem in cities for obvious reasons. But the people running cities don’t get to say “We have a homeless problem because we’re a city. Nothing we can do about it!”

Not all cities have homeless situations like SF, LA, Portland, etc. If you want to understand why, look at the policies and the way those cities are run.

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It’s only certain cities that have this problem and that’s because their run by democrats.

Wait a minute. Then why are there tent cities in Fort Worth a city run by Republicans? I thought only democrat cities have these problems. (Insert laughing emoji)

You want to talk about policies specific to San Francisco then talk about San Francisco. You want to extrapolate that to all democrat run cities and say it’s because democrats…that’s childish.

See my example above. Nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican. Nice try though.

Again…we all know cities are going to have homelessness…you seem to keep wanting fall back on this weak defense.

But the issue is…

Some places have it out of control and it’s considerably worse. And it’s getting worse.

Anecdotes are a weak defense I agree. Throwing poop has exactly fuck all to do with being a democrat. I can find anecdotes from republican cities too. Fort Worth just happened to be the first one I looked up.

And that’s what you and RBE are doing focusing on anecdotes. It’s clear that the constant droning of democrat cities in conservative media has gotten to you. I’m simply pointing out that the real world is a helluva lot more complex than that. And policies differ from place to place. Hardly a weak defense. I’ll stick with empirical evidence instead of childish attempts at attacking one party or another.

I visited Ft. Worth once. Never had to step around shit and needles. Not because there’s none to be found I assume but because that stuff isn’t tolerated citywide.

In SF, you can literally walk outside the offices of [insert name of major tech company] and find yourself in a nightmare game of hop scotch.

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You’ve convinced me. Cities are just going to be shit holes. The people running them have no responsibility in making it a bigger shit hole.

Got it. Great defense.

Nice anecdote. They have tent cities too that I’m sure include feces and needles. Easy to prove your point wrong.

I’ve been to San Francisco very recently. Didn’t have to step over poop or feces. City looked very clean to me.

No that’s bullshit.

Cities are going to have homeless people. Conservative media will brainwash you into believing they’re all shit holes because democrats. Some cities do better than others, both Democrat and Republican. That has more do with their specific local policies than it does their party affiliation. We can be adults here and realize the world just ain’t that simple.