Is dating impossible in Hsinchu?


TBH the subtext in your post was: “I’m having trouble getting some action”. I’ve not encountered this ‘repression’ of which you speak. I’ve no idea about the men, but women are about as ready to go horizontal jogging as in any other place I’ve lived.

Young Taiwanese people can be emotionally immature due to academic pressure, but by the time they hit their late 20s they’ve mostly got it out of their system.

I used to work near Zhubei. I really liked it there, but I don’t remember anyone speaking English much (Hsinchu I guess is better in that regard). I’m guessing your success in the dating pool will be heavily dependent on your Chinese ability.


Dude just sound bitter as hell. You can always tell.


Don’t mistake any act of sex , or “going horizontal”, for healthy sexuality. Most of them go through the motions.
Andrew 0409, you’re an idiot. I met a girl on tinder, too. She IS the total package: funny, smart, beautiful, etc…Hey DUDE, are you married to my girlfriend?


Sorry to disappoint you Finley, but I’m doing fine with one of the local exceptions. Just making observations based on experience.
Advice to OP: find the girl that dresses down, cares little for cosmetics, NEVER fusses with her hair or takes selfies, has no time for Korean soap dramas or video games, likes a few whiskeys and loves a good shag. Most importantly, she’s funny and she laughs the loudest at things that most pretentious people deem inappropriate to laugh at.


Are you… are you just repeating what I said earlier? :thinking: Also, don’t call Andrew an “idiot.” He often has the best posts in the relationship threads, and I’d definitely take his advice about how to find a date before I followed your’s. I can’t even understand what you’re saying in half your posts. Something about the “republic of children”, which was just creepy and weird, tbh.

Also, Taiwan is the first Asian country with legalized same-sex marriage. And discussions about sex and relationships is not a taboo subject here. So Taiwan is not even close to the most sexually repressed country in Asia. (For example, you do know Afghanistan is in Asia, right?)


taiwan isn’t sexually repressed. sex is a big part of this culture, you would have to be pretty ignorant to claim its repressed imo. seems like himalayan1 had some bad experiences then projected it onto the whole country instead of looking at himself as part of the problem.


I’d actually agree with the premise that Taiwan, on the whole, is undersexed. I think it has mostly to do with people’s long work hours and lack of exercise. I know the type of woman that @himalayan1 is describing, and they certainly do exist. That said, I’ve never had any problems finding members of the opposite sex with healthy libidos. They’re hiding in every nook and cranny if you know where to look.


AGAIN people, this is about sexuality and personal growth, not only local girls and sex acts (or me, who’s doesn’t like babysitting and is doing well with an exceptional real woman) . This includes local guys, too. Countless girls told me how inept they are on many levels. Their biggest complaint: NO BALLS (not those, confidence). I not only agree with that because again I’ve talked to HUNDREDS, but I’m certain that local girls have bigger balls than guys.


Your main purpose in this thread seems to be bragging about the fact that you’ve found an “exceptional real woman.” Congratulations?


Sex might not be as in your face as other places, but you’re talking like somehow the country has somehow rid of a basic human need. It’s ridiculous, there’s a whole industry of love motels here. Perhaps if you’re having finding sexual partners, that says more about you because this is not the case with many people here. If your sexual partner isn’t fulfilling your needs in bed, you can also talk and guide them. It’s a 2 person (or more) thing. I don’t think any of us were gods in the bedroom the first time. And the guys here have no balls is not a exclusive theme I hear here. I hear this from women everywhere to some variation.

Most locals don’t openly talk about their sexual exploits unless you really get to know them. I had local friends that I thought were such goody goodies. But I end up hearing stories of when he was at a orgy in high school doing ketamine at a love motel. He says it’s pretty common. Doing k and sex. It’s just that people don’t openly talk about it. But it certainly happens just like anywhere else in the world.

And are you seriously telling the OP what kind of girl he should go for. You might not like girls that dress up, shop and mess with their etc. maybe he does. He might not be interested in the types of girls you like. I certainly would not date a girl that dresses down and don’t mess with her hair.


As Andrew said, a relationship works best if the two of you are more than the sum of your parts (fnar). You grow together; what one person is missing the other person can fill in, or help you to learn. Applies to bedroom stuff and to anything else.

Of course if one insists on picking up airheads whose idea of a good time is shopping at department stores with the bf’s credit card, it’s not going to work out so well. This would be true anywhere; I’m not convinced Taiwan has a monopoly on airheads.


Anyways on topic to OP. There are a variety of ways to meet women. Some of them might be just finding your own hobbies and finding women that happens to like it. I once played Gaelic football, did some conditioning work with them for fun. I still have zero clue on wtf is going on in Gaelic football. But I do enjoy sports and being active so I did go out with a girl once from it. So actually I would focus on your own social life. You meet a lot of women through having multiple social circles. The right lady seems to always come around when you’re not looking.



True again. I met my girlfriend for the first time at the Flower Expo at Yuanshan. Cousin asked me to go and just so happened gf was one of her friends. I’ll be very honest, I have no clue why I said yes to pay money to see…flowers. I’m glad I did though.


LOL Wrong. Just replying to the easily predictable suggestions of desperation, biterness, blah blah, but thanks anyway


and how do you know those girls didn’t say that to just appeal to your own ego? thats certainly what it sounds like. the reality is that most girls here are happy dating and prefer local guys, not foreigners with ‘BALLS’ such as yourself.


My dance move when I hit the dance floor here.


BHL. Just because you don’t understand anything, doesn’t make everything false. And people who understand so little almost always draw wrong conclusions


Really? He looks like he’s trying to juggle his own balls.


I was living in zhubei for a while, and from all places i have been/living, hsinchu area is where i got most fuck eyes look from girls. I am sure i could bang every week different girl there. Luckily lol, was in seriously relation.

To be honest, most white folks i run into there on streets, were kinda weirdos, either dress as homeless people, or fat, or just straight unsocial persons. U could be one of it

I got chicks approching me all the time, taiwanese usually on train, in cafeteria. Saying shy hello, typically hello to taiwan, where you come from. I got direct ones too, saying she got no boy since coming back from london, while eating me with her eyes. Worst were philipinos ladies, screaming over the road, hsinchu area having industrial zone with their half slaves from south east asia. They have own clubs running on the middle of saturday afternoon.


Your colorful use of the English language is quite disarming!