Is dating impossible in Hsinchu?


i understood, but hey keep shitting on the local guys(and girls) if it makes your ego feel better, just don’t expect others that are more attached with reality to agree with you.


Everyone is the protagonist of their own life story. Some people’s stories are just a little more fanciful.


Thank God you clarified that. For a moment I thought every guy here was a literal eunuch. :roll_eyes:

You mean confidence again, right? Not testicles? Because then I have something to tell you about those local “girls”…:thinking:


LOL YES, it’s my mission to save the locals from themselves. To be free of their cultural prison. To be free of living in a constant state of fear. To be free and encouraged to take chances. To take responsibility, to be accounatble. To stop claiming to be victims and blaming others. To understand we learn from mistakes. To understand saying sorry is not weakness.
To understand class is not equated with money. To not measure and define life by money FFS. To be individuals and non~conformists. To masturbate!!

YES, Call me a SAVIOR. :grin:


Maybe he’s confusing Taiwan with Thailand. It’s a common mistake. :sunglasses:


Yeah, you’re a regular modern-day JC. :joy:


Are you, by any chance, a member of the Insane Clown Posse? Your post looks suspiciously like the lyrics to one of their songs. If so, I didn’t mean to out you. Sorry bro!

Clown love,

A fellow Juggalo


Don’t bogart the faygo, juggalo.


Oh shit, I don’t know what that means! I’ve been outed as a fake Juggalo…


Haha my roommate in college was a self-proclaimed juggalo (longest semester of my life). Faygo is some really crappy, cheap knock-off soda that poor families buy in bulk from third-tier supermarkets, and it also happens to be the Juggalo drink of choice.


Soooo … basically you’re offering training courses on the theme of “how to be a wanker”?


Meself, I’d probably be more likely to call you something else…


Condolences, I’m sure. That Faygo looks delicious. It comes in so many pretty colors.


ICP ??? No doubt you’ve heard GFY countless times.


Good one. :roll_eyes: Don’t you have some “local girls with big balls” to tend to?


LOL hey Romeo in Zhubei, get over yourself. You’re in Zhubei FFS ! , where anything even remotely resembling an average white boy with a pulse will draw attention from whatever’s moving about . Incredible.



Someone saying dating is hard in Hsinchu must be totally without sense. Is super easy to interact with girls.

There is a lot really nice girls, working hard in IT, passed 30s, independent and intelligent. Marriage candidate. I marry one of them, best decision of my life. Sure girls like this have better standards. I know a lot of people from Hsinchu IT, and they do dating, but they do have preference for serious relations, girls being single always complains they are without bf

On another side you have many emigrants girls doing unskilled work. Not my type, but hey they are nice and are friendly. Ask for philippinos clubs and check it out


Actually, I haven’t. Is that one of their songs? Maybe you can sing it for me. I’m sure you have a beautiful natural singing voice in addition to your other many talents…like freestyle word poetry, attracting “exceptional real women,” masturbating…am I forgetting anything?


According to his post history he is quite skilled at getting “busted by the blue for smoking green.” So there’s that. :thinking:


I did not know that, but it would explain a lot, I guess. I just hope he doesn’t get his “exceptional real woman” in trouble. She sounds like a fine fine lady.