Is dating impossible in Hsinchu?


exceptional is a weird way to describe women. I guess most are just unexceptional. What is this taiwanese girl unchained? “This here’s a exceptional woman, she don’t go to sogo and do her hair. You ain’t never seen an exceptional women like her in the dating game”


Woot woot!

Juggalos are chick magnets–which, like regular magnets, cannot be explained by science.


Totally agree with your observation and insight. The problem is that the OP, when he said ‘dating’, did not tell us, or himself, what he really wants. Does he want dating for marriage and dating for casual sex?


If you are caucasian with decent looks, just sit somewhere and wait.


LOL last word. Peace


A great story. peace


Peace be upon you, and may your camels have many humps.


There are three girls like this in Taiwan. All taken. Bad luck =)


Before everyone here makes a hasty decision whether it’s you or Hsinchu that needs help, please let us know if it’s ever possible for you to get dating in any other places?


I think Rocket would say, “the patchouli is strong with this one.”
And there we have our answer.


OP here. I’m REALLY bad with women so whatever happens happens, I do agree that if I enlarged my social activities something relationship could sprout. Anyways sometimes you have to live on life terms and accept a perpetual single life.


Don’t give up so easily! I’m sure there are women out there who are thinking the same thing. Time to prove each other wrong.


“Accept a perpetual single life” only if that’s what you want. If you’re an okay looking dude (or just not Tom Cruise when he’s mush face in the second half of ‘Vanilla Sky’) then you shouldn’t have too much trouble pulling a date.


Perhaps just make friends for now and expand your social circle if companionship is what you seek. Doesn’t mean you can’t be on the lookout for a significant other while doing it. I miss a lot of single life. Nothing wrong with it. Certain people like to be alone more than others. Just don’t rush into a relationship for the sake of being in one like people do.


I’ve recently met at least 3 people from hsinchu that want language exchange but I’m in Taipei. They told me there are language exchange activities. LE can be a social activity just like any other activity.


It is not a fatality, You can learn.
If you are Caucasian and can’t get a girlfriend here, I don’t like your chances (almost) anywhere else. So take this opportunity to learn.
Where are you from? How old are you?


There’s always the Philippines. :sunglasses:


Philippines, Thailand yes but you have to be quite desperate, and living in Taiwan is much better IMO.


You don’t have to be desperate, but it helps. Which country is a better place to live is highly subjective, but I would tend to agree with you. Now if we could only do a national cuisine swap between Taiwan and Thailand, I’d be a truly happy man.


Big strenght of Taiwan for me is the safety, last time I went to Thailand I got robbed a jewel at the airport. There is also the streets full of prostitutes.
I mean even at the airport, I transited to Bangkok last year, ask the reception if I could take a shower somewhere, they showed me a place, I go there and I had to pay for a woman to take the shower with me. Ludicrous. I boarded my plane all dirty and sweaty :grin: seriously just tell me there is no public shower for the guests so I dont lose my time.