Is dating impossible in Hsinchu?


And that was after the shower.


Could have been yes :relaxed:


This is just a cultural misunderstanding. She was the “shower assistant.” :sunglasses:


I’m from California. 35 going on 36 years old. Live a healthy lifestyle and work very hard at my job. It is my problem, I have an introverted personality so it’s difficult for me to socialize (small talk) unless there is an objective (playing a sport/game,etc.).


It is never too late and 35 years old is a good age. Women never tried to interact with you?
If you are shy, avoid personal talk first, small talk about anything unimportant can be a good start.


Dude, you’re 35? I thought you were in your early 20s. C’mon, brother, from a fellow 30 something… you’re at an age where you should stop caring so much about what others think. I understand social anxiety, but at some point (and I’m guessing this is something you’ve dealt with for a long time) you just have to bite the bullet and try and suppress those anxiety driven fight-or-flight instincts and put yourself out there. One time tell yourself you won’t be held hostage by it and just go out as a lark. Then do it again and again until you get lucky! I mean, there must be at least ONE foreigner friendly club or bar in the whole of this city… right? If not, what the hell do other ex-pats do for fun there on the weekend?


Too right. The prices they charge for showers at airports, she ought to be included for nowt.

Realistically, employment prospects are so low in the turd world, a lot of people are paid basically just to stand around. Her job was probably to switch the water on, put the pipework back together when bits fall off, and hand you the soap.




With Taiwan’s smartphone generation, there’s tons of women who are exactly how you describe yourself. You just described at least half of the Millennials here. Maybe you should try using some of the online or mobile dating apps. That way, there’s a lot less pressure putting yourself out there (less pressure for the women too).


Could be your job, i had hard time, difficulties trying to have a small talk with folks in hsinchu. After 10 hours of coding, sometimes even more coding, i just wanna have own piece, and privacy.
Allthough i got a lot of attention from girls, it made me fell annoying to be honest, wit their silly sayings welcome to taiwan, where you come from… I mean their english is broken, am not native speaker neiher, my mandarins sucks as well… just did 10 hours of coding. No interest to chat wit random strangers. After 2 hours off, and a third beer made me a bit more cool…

Once, i took longer holidays, and drop hours of works, i start getting along wit people easier, better. Got more relax feeling, so probably i am more likeble now.
How is your mandarin, are you white? Cause girls will act differently, depends on your skin colour.

Girls are also hardworking, so naturally not relax as well. Try language exchange, sport activities. Badminton time. Arrange weekend trips and go slowly with it. Try online dating sites. Watch out for girls in 30s, they will wanna marry you soon. U have been warned!!! Due to work pressure, and low social skills there is so many taiwanese being single in 30s. Numbers are deep in your favour.

If u dont wanna invest time, look for philipinos clubs. Drink a lot, tell few jokes to girls, they will laugh even is not funny lol


You don’t find it. It finds you.


I don’t agree with that at all. Total self-defeatist attitude. I’ve seen the ugliest, most socially awkward dudes with smoking hot girlfriends or wives here. If you want to be single, be single. But no one NEEDS to be single against their will.



Alright here is my advice. Get your phone and download tinder plus. Yes you will have to pay for this app but it is well worth it. With tinder plus you can change the location where you can look for women ‘ie. you can look at the profiles of girls who live in Taipei whilst you are in Hsinchu’.

Ok, now find a few pictures where you look good and put them on your profile and write a little something about yourself and your interests.

If you find there are very few girls in Hsinchu then just search in Taipei, there are 1000s of girls on tinder in Taipei. Taiwan is a small country, the distance with HSR or even slow train is not an issue. If you can’t find a date in Hsinchu then look to greener pastures in Taichung or Taipei.

You might not like the idea of dating apps but at least it will let you message at your own pace and make things less nerve racking than asking a woman out in person.

Ok so there is my advice. Now I am going to be brutally honest with you, you need to man up. Stop making excuses. You are white and have a professional job and you are in your 30’s. Plus Taiwanese girls are quite easy to get along with (well at least in the initial dating stages) and are open to dating foreigners. Nearly all the work has been done for you already.

There are so many fat blob foreigners or just plain weirdos in this country and most of them manage to find a girlfriend, often significantly out of their league. If they can get a girlfriend, a date or have sex, then I am sure you can too.


Nope. You have to be proactive. Sitting around in your apartment or in your work cubicle is unlikely to help you get a date.

Unless you work part time or at university, everyone here works too damn long. At least 9-10 hours a day.

But honestly, you only need to be somewhat proactive here. Go to a bar or club and talk to a few girls, you will get their LINE and a date. Go on tinder and invest maybe half an hour talking to a girl,you will get a date. Sign up for a language exchange group - so many of the girls there are using it as both a socially acceptable way to meet a foreign guy and improve their English at the same time. It really is that damn easy.


Yea, taiwan is actually one of easiest places for dating. More attention i only got in philipinos.

Why do you mean people from first world country really come to live in taiwan? Convenience and a lot of sex, like really lot of sex. Is one of the best place for people in their 20s

Hell yea, being happy single, i would never ever left taiwan. But i got married…

You just got tired from job. Order yourself a double whiskey in a club, and relax a bit.

Yea dating taiwanese chick is super easy…until you met parents lol.


Join outside activities of some kind. Are you religious, or interested in religion? Go to church (or whatever). Like hiking? Join a hiking group. Interested in environmentalism, Amnesty International, stuff like that? They’ve got groups here. There are artistic subcultures, fashion subcultures, comic book subcultures, UFO contactee subcultures…and women in all of them.

As some posters have indicated, your odds are pretty good in Taiwan, and unlike, say, Thailand, where such relationships are often based on mutual predation, you stand a fairly good chance of meeting a woman with good character. You just have to put yourself out there.

If you seem like a decent person yourself, your Taiwanese friends may introduce you to their female friends and relatives. My impression is that there is a shortage of marriageable men relative to women.


There is far less of that in Hsinchu. Most activities are organized via your company, and not all med. size organizations bother.


If James could suggest some activities or interests, I can ask around. One Hsinchu-based expat I know just got married (to a woman he met in Hsinchu). Another is a confirmed bachelor, but reports no great obstacles to meeting women there. If you like I can get them to weigh in with their suggestions. Of course it matters if you’re primarily interested in a relationship vs. a mere dalliance.


Mr. and Mrs. Cutz?


I don’t understand your cryptic reply. If you’re asking if I’m married, yes. If you’re trying to be clever by implying I’m one of those ugly dudes with smoking hot wives I discussed in my previous post, you’re only half right. My wife is indeed smoking hot. But I’m not bad looking myself. Anything else?