Is everyone having this problem?

Well … Everyone that’s looking for new flatmates ? It can’t be me !! Hahaha !! :shock: :smiley:

No serious for a mo … I’m really wondering what sort of impact SARS had with regards to the influx of foreigners. Surely a big number went back home or moved onto a next destination as well … Or is it just the wrong time right now ? I can’t see that however. It’s ‘recruiting season’ which usually means there’s plenty of new faces … but I am certainly struggling to find someone to take a room in our apartment. :imp:

Your thoughts :?:

No expert opinion here, but…

I know my school is having a tough time filling my soon to be vacant position.

I think there has been a trickle down from SARS. Teachers or others who would have come here a few months ago didn’t…then made other plans for their lives and couldn’t alter them after the fallout.

I personally know a couple of people back home who were Taiwan bound a few months back, but decided against coming here because of IT… And then there are the ones who may not want to be around, thus skedaddle, should IT rear it’s ugly head again come winter.

SARS scares…SARS scars…sigh

are you heading home for greener pastures, clear water, good beer??? Or just on to another job?


Taiwan had SARS!!! :shock:

[suddenly jumps in car and heads for the airport and a quick flight home]

are you heading home for greener pastures, clear water, good beer??? Or just on to another job?[/quote]

Ha! Greener pastures, yes, as the surname of my waiting patiently, husband-to-be happens to be Green :slight_smile: Going home to, at long last, make an honest girl of myself.

But Sharky, the clear water and good beer are bonus side-dishes to my fiancee. As for the job…I see a brewpub in my future.

For the sake of keeping this post sort of on topic, although I’d never leave Taiwan for the fear of contracting SARS (I have a better chance of contracting West Nile when I get home), the insanity that surrounded SARS irked the hell out of me.