Is everything open in Hong Kong on Dec 31st and Jan 1st?


I am currently planning a short two days, one night new year vacation to Hong Kong, but I am concerned that most of the places we will want to go will be closed due to new year celebrations.

Can anyone who has been there during new years eve and new years day help clear things up?


New year is normal work day, and New Years day is public holiday.

On public holidays public transport operates with more frequency than normal days, plus they operate at night.

Everything will be open normal on new year, although some offices close early.

New Years day banks, government departments, etc. will be closed. Basically New Years day is same as a Sunday.


i was HK for chinese new year this year, as far as i remember a lot shops/restaurants/public transportation were still open as they usually have festivities going on everywhere and people visiting during holidays. i assume that for New Year’s Day/Eve it will be similar. i don’t think you should worry too much! though it will definitely be really crowded