Is everything we are doing a waste of time?

Take the slash out of the opening [img] tab in each case. Nice pics. Good on you both for taking in Happy.

Happy came with the gf:)

oh I see what I did. I typed in the last img link by myself, so when I hit the img tag to put up a new one it automatically put the slash in. Aaaaaaah, you learn something new every day.

Great to read and see how they’re both doing - you’re both fantastic puppy parents. :bravo:

Have you put their great story up in the Happy Tails section of the AnimalsTaiwan website yet? :wink:

So THAT’s where Happy went!

I’m so moved by that story.

Thanks for sharing, Battery9. I’ve been reading about Sambuka ever since you got her and how you couldn’t deal with some of the stuff she was doing. Funny how the solution was to get another dog. Maybe we can start convincing every poster who has a pet problem to get another. That’d be perfect.

They look so peaceful together. :scooby: :snoopy:

That is where Happy went…where did you go?!

Honey (dog) and I went to a park today to meet our friends. We meet regularly for play dates. Upon entering the park there was a bit of a commotion near a rocky garden area. My friend stood there with a box and some confused and perplexed on lookers stared at 2 tiny kittens (eyes still closed). One was on the grass and the other was laying on one of the rocks. No one knew what happened and why they were there. I speculated that the mother must be around and that we should put the kittens up higher where it is safer (lots of dogs and naïve people around) because the mother will probably come back for them. I started climbing the rocks to find a safe spot for the kittens and heard some hissing. Mommy was nursing the other 2 kittens on one of the platforms created by the rocks higher up. The lovely lady who feeds the cats in the park arrived and said she has been looking for the cat for days now and has not seen it so she assumed that the cat has given birth somewhere. She knew the cat was pregnant. Long story short, we managed to reunite the mommy with the other 2 kittens. First time mommy seems a bit clumsy and careless because a kitten fell down from the small platform again. I hope she does not abandon one or more of them.

I spoke to the lady who feeds the cats and also told her about the work that AnimalsTaiwan does. She was so happy to find out about our CNR work because she said that she has also CNR-ed some street dogs and cats before if she could manage to catch them (the friendly ones as she put it). I asked her if she would help to CNR the mommy cat (and kittens) in about 2 months time from now so that we can CNR them too. She was very happy to find out that we also use humane traps for CNR projects.

I hope that everything works out well and that we can help these cats. It surely was wonderful to meet this lady who cares about these animals so deeply and fully supports CNR projects.

So, no, we are not wasting our time. Get out there and meet similar minded people in your community and together we can make a difference!