Is Extreme Couponing Even Possible in Taiwan?

I found this show on accident (as I watch TV here maybe twenty minutes per day), and I started watching episodes online to take a break between debates and colloquia.

If you don’t know what it is, here’s an example. This one is especially cheesy and punny:

Anyway, I get the 全聯福利中心 guide every couple of weeks, but they only tell me the sales and don’t offer any coupons. Is couponing much of a practice here?

Was watching that too. Pretty amazing, but a full time job it seems like. I don’t think they have coupons like that here.

In my city, some grocery stores sell practically everything: furniture, electronics, gasoline, etc.

There’s a couple from Louisiana that scores negative totals (sometimes over $100.00) on virtually every trip, which makes me think that if they could accomplish the same things there, they could easily live high on the hog as a single income family.

Considering the often discussed behavior at Costco, where locals line up an hour for a tiny piece of steak or a tiny spoon of Ben & Jerry’s and then proceed to steal onions and crushed ice after check-out, I can totally understand why supermarkets in Taiwan don’t really offer coupons. I would imagine Taiwan to be an island of 23,000,000 extreme couponers.

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