Is gill netting legal in Taiwan rivers?

Went out for usual Sunday morning 'scooter ride. Lovely time of day; today was especially beautiful here.
Down along the river in downtown Tainan enjoying the contrast of new modern building and a cone hatted fisherman plying his long boat along the river. Then I noticed him pulling in a net with rather good sized silver sided fish. By good sizes I mean looked around 12" - 14" size. Probably 12 - 16 ozs.

Then I noticed the type of net he was using - - a GILL NET. This is a very destructive method of fishing. Almost nothing escapes and most fish die, rendering them unacceptable for the fresh fish market, when they get netted. I noticed he was throwing away 3 out of every 5 fish he brought up.

Does anyone know - is gill netting legal on the rivers here on Taiwan?

I don’t know if it’s legal or not, though I agree it’s a terrible practice.

But I’m curious about catching fish in rivers in Tainan. Is it safe to eat them? I wouldn’t knowingly eat fish from any of the putrid rivers in Taipei. I’ve seen people fishing on the river here, but I assumed it was just for a diversion and they wouldn’t eat any fish they might catch.

There’s a moratorium on river fishing in Taiwan so I can’t imagine gill netting is legal.