Is HTML support in this place borked?

See sig. Assuming I didn’t screw it up myself, of course.

But here’s a test:
You didn’t see this This, though, you better

EDIT: Apparently not entirely. Which tags are supported?

Ah, you need the html so’s you can limit the width?

Yeah. I tried resizing it in Photoshop but it looked sucky, so I thought I’d try it using a width restriction in HTML.

Only looks mildly crappy I think. Used Gimp.

Whatever ones the admin allows. There’s place to add tags, if it’s not there, it doesn’t work.

I’m kind of wondering though, 'cause before the server shift and upgrade even tags like strikethrough works, but now even the tag doesn’t?

It’s the new version of phpBB. Same thing happened to me (when I upgraded).

HTML can be used if the admins enable it, my guess is that they didn’t after the last upgrade, it did use to work.

That reminds me that my current sig is a rulebreaker. I’d be extremely grateful if one of you techy dudes could make it into one gif and resize it into allowable limits (um, and then find somewher for me to host it). There’s a beer in it for ya.


MK, mind if I hijack the image from your server, or should I go waste someone else’s bandwidth?

Go ahead. I don’t come anywhere near my limits.