Is ICRT's Ron Stuart/Stewart brillant?

I was wondering if anyone else out here was a Ron Stewart fan (not sure on the spelling).

After I come home from my 8-9 hour teaching spree’s I turn on the radio and relax with the Ronster.

I love how he mocks the Taiwanese bad English and ignorance of flaky aspects of Western culture.

I think he is brillant the way he can get any with the stuff he says.

Is anyone else a fan? or find him funny
side story
I met him one night I ran into him on a bender he was pretty twisited.(Tainan city) (when I drank I don’t drink anymore). He drove his scooter into a late night restaurent knocking over a lady burning paper money. Fucking brillant.

I’m pretty sure he is drunk every night on the radio does anyone else concure.

I can’t stand the guy. Sorry.

[quote=“snydewynder”] He drove his scooter into a late night restaurent knocking over a lady burning paper money. Fucking brillant.


This is funny? Drunk driving? Hitting innocents? :unamused:


You have made my CFI list. Congrats. :notworthy:

Ron plays a lot of hip-hop, which I like like like!
He is rude to his callers, which I like like like!

However, it must be very hard for non-native speakers to understand what he is going on about.

D.B. wrote [quote]You have made my CFI list. Congrats. [/quote]
What does CFI mean?
Chewy’s False Identity?
Canadian F…t Idiot?

Uhh, no.

Rod Steward used to be fucking brilliant when he was still playing blues on that teardrop-shaped Vox. His cover of “I’m Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town” is outstanding!
Couldn’t stand his “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” disco shite, though.

I suppose if you’re into goofy, sometimes insulting DJ’s, then he’s your thing. Not my cup of tea. Brilliant? Hardly.

I used to train with the guy over at California gym when I didn’t know who he was at all. Great conversationalist and overall a nice guy. I enjoyed drivin home at night listenin to him take the piss. I don’t drive anylonger so I don’t get a chance to listen to him on the radio.

Way to go Ron!

Please explain the word BRILLANT to me.
Is it like PLIANT?

Personally, he annoyed the shit out of me as a DJ. Too much of a try-hard. Played some good music - occasionally - but generally just bugged me. Less so than most ICRT DJs, it has to be said, but considering how shit most of them were, I don’t know that that’s much of an achievement.

His voice is annoying. He’s a prick to his listeners (of which I’m not unless a taxi driver insists that all waiguorens who ride in his taxis have to listen to that shit just because it’s in English). He talks wa-ay too fucking much. Did I mention his voice is annoying? Well, I’ll say it again. His voice is annoying.

Unless ‘annoying’ means ‘brilliant’ in some obscure English dialect that I’ve never heard of, I’m going to have to disagree with the OP’s assessment of Ron Stuart.

What does CFI mean?
Chewy’s False Identity?
Canadian F…t Idiot?[/quote]

“Can’t Find 'Im”…as in his body when durins bane gets done with 'im. :smiling_imp:

I know Ron from the gym too. He was always a very nice fellow, seemed just as energetic in real life as he is on the radio.

I’m guessing he gets his energy from regular workouts rather than from the grog.

Yes, sometimes his voice is annoying, but overall, I find him entertaining. Perfect for his slot.