Is it a bad idea to move to Taiwan this weekend to look for an ESL job without a background check?


I am currently in Cambodia but I want to relocate to Taiwan at the end of this week. I just earned my CELTA, have no teaching experience, and have a doctorate in law (I’m not sure if employers would give a crap about the doctorate). I am a white American 26-year-old male without an FBI background check on hand (but I know I can pass one). With those facts in mind, do you think I would struggle to find a job if I show up and start looking on Monday the 11th? My main concerns are:

  1. I have no background check and FBI checks can take a while to get
  2. I think it is past peak hiring season.

I am flexible as to location and I was planning to start my search in Taipei. However, I could fly to Kaohsiung instead if there are more opporunities in the south. And to be clear, I am willing to get the FBI background check but I am worried employers will not be willing to wait around because it may take a few weeks.


As explained in the thread below, it’s possible to sign an affidavit in lieu of the proper document (and get the proper document later), but it’s not necessarily possible. The relevant authorities are working hard to make sure clear rules are drafted by the end of… August. :doh:

A representative of a certain website said we would get an update here, but no word yet. My sources :male_detective: haven’t had any updates yet either.

The most recent discussion is here:

Thanks for your response! I did some looking around and it looks like I could conceivably get my background check in 1-1.5 weeks so long as I’m willing to pay out the ass for overnight shipping and hire a company to expedite the background checking process.

Careful. If you need to get the FBI report accredited by Tecro, the “facilitator” report that the FBI tries to push you to pay up for will not be acceptable for accreditation purposes. Tecro says that they will only accredit the report if it is issued directly by the FBI. Source: my call with Tecro DC last week.

FWIW, it took about nine weeks including snail mail time for me to get my FBI report directly from them, starting in July 2017.

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I was under the impression that USA was one of the countries exempted from having to get it authorised/accredited.

You may be right, but that’s not what they told me. They told me to get it accredited by Tecro DC. But that it doesn’t have to be translated into Chinese, which apparently used to be a requirement.

Companies are always looking for teachers and I’m sure if they want you they will find a way to get you. Question is what kind of credentials do you have?