Is it at all possible to get internship permits for recent graduates?


I work for a very small Taiwanese NGO who accepts an intern for 12 months every year. Usually we take on students who are taking a gap year/are spouses to Taiwanese citizens who are accepted, but this year our top candidate is a guy who is graduating from his undergraduate in the US at the end of May.

This person has a European citizenship (not one of the countries that have a Working Holiday visa agreement) and a permanent Hong Kong residence permit. The university he is graduating from is a small school that is not on the top 500 list. He speaks fluent Chinese and will receive a scholarship of almost 40,000 NTD per month.

Is there any way of successfully obtaining an internship permit for a foreigner who recently graduated? Has anyone out there managed to do it? Or should we give up and look for a candidate who is still at university?

Any tips are welcome! Thank you!

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