Is it hard to find jobs in Taiwan?

It’s almost the only sector in reality.

There’s also medical , bio, chemical, precision machinery…Hey wait a second they are actually proper tech jobs too. :grinning:

Very few service jobs, need to have good Asian language skills anyway for that area.

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Which company is this, that was generous enough to pay half your tuition?

It’s in Research/Consulting field. Yeah but it came with a clause I had to stay for x amount of years, which expires this year. :smiley:

So no reason to stay in Taiwan beyond that, a bit sad.


Oops forgot my password on my phone so using this back up account

Ok now I’m back. Correct! Also - despite lower taxes here, I’d be getting paid more back home even after taxes and would have better work-life balance back home.

So I’m all for heading back to focus on development that I won’t get here.

Not only sales and marketing, but they also need software engineers, the few good local developers go to work in another country.


Many of them do, but then again good developers often move country around the world. Hopefully Google will boost salaries a bit here.

If you’re slightly technical, Taiwan is a very easy country to find work in the tech industry. You don’t even have to speak Chinese, although it’s a bonus if you do. However, as others have indicated, although it’s easy to find a job in Taiwan, it isn’t easy to turn it into a career. There isn’t much career progression for foreigners and there’s basically an upper limit to the kind of salary you can expect. The salary is great when you’re in your 20s and you just want to live a comfortable life day to day in a relatively cheap country, but it becomes a problem when you start thinking about your long-term prospects.

I think that Taiwan is a wonderful country to get experience and enjoy yourself in while you’re still young, but I think for most people it isn’t an attractive place to stay long term. Unless, of course, you somehow fall in love with the place despite all the odds, like I did, and you’re willing to take a low pay and put up with a horrible work culture to live in the only country that really makes you happy. :slight_smile:

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I find Taiwan is really not a good place for a career unless it’s for the government or a big state owned enterprise.

However Taiwan is a great place to start your own business.

I agree with that. Easy to set up a business. Relatively low corporate taxes. Low utility costs. Lots of cheap and qualified people.

Not great if you can’t speak or read chinese lol.
If it’s so great why aren’t thousands of entrepreneurs moving here ?
And if you do start something successful you’re guaranteed to have a mob of copycats within six months :grinning:

I remember while studying at Fordham university sitting next to MBA students in the library. Some of what they were doing seemed interesting and I felt as though I could jump in and do it as well. But, generally speaking, nothing special. Perhaps there are some skills that you can learn that are truly useful, but for the most part it seems as though they learn lots of common sense things. And pay lots of money for the degree which allows them to get a job in business.