Is it legal to marry in taiwan on a visitor visa?

I’m planning on going to taiwan in January on a visitor visa…and if all goes well with my fiancee, I would like to marry her. Is it legal to do so in Taiwan while in the country on a visitor visa? I know in America it isn’t. Also…if it is legal to marry, is it then possible to stay longer than the 90 day visa would allow?

My Taiwanese husband married me in America while on a visitor visa and I can assure you that we are legally married. That was in two thousand. Has there been a new law?

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I did it, but that was 12 years ago. I’m pretty sure there’s no restriction against it though.

Once you marry you will be able to apply for an ARC that will enable you to stay longer. If you’re on a visitor visa you may find immigration officials will take a more liberal attitude towards extensions etc.

thanks alot guys…on a different note, my chinese name is also Bu Lai En.

Sure it’s possible. I did it and I even spend the first four years of my marriage on a visitor visa.

Didn’t want to go trough all the hassle of getting papers and translation back home and BTW, back than there was the rule that you had to be married for 11 months before you could apply for the ARC. Because I went home 4 months after I was married I couldn’t do anything to get my ARC anyway.

It was pretty easy to get extensions at first on a 1-year multiple entry visa from back home (I even figured out how to stay 13 months on a 1-year visa) and later from Manila (6 months - did 7 months with it).
So I stayed in Taiwan on a visitor visa.

…But one day I ended up in the shitty HongKong office. They only gave me a 60 non-extendable visa plus they required a return ticket to Taiwan.

Go and figure. Being married to a Taiwanese citizen and having to deal with all these restrictions, having to go every 60 days to HK.
Well…, finally after 4 years I started the application for an ARC which I have since 2002.

Jeez, I’m married since 1997 that’s 5 years on a visitor visa, time goes fast.

Its been a long time, but I don’t recall any prohibition against getting married on a B (visitor) visa in the US. The only restriction is that you would not be able to adjust status based on that marraige unless you first exited the US and applied for an immigrant visa (green card) based on your new marital status.