Is it my Eurasian physical features?

Certain races tend to give out certain physical traits. (e.g. the versatility and unique texture of a black person’s hair) And if you’re mixed, that means you’ll likely share physical traits from both of your races and since I’m half white, half Asian this means I have a mixture of Caucasian and Asian physical features. My dad is a large fellow with Jewish, Irish, and Russian ancestry and my mother is a petite Taiwanese lady. (She literally weighs 112 lbs. That’s less than the average girl at my school) I have Asian looking eyes, brown complicated, hard to manage hair, and I’m built like my father. I’m around 5’7’ or 5’8’ and I weigh a whopping 78 kg.(Waayy heavier than the average teen) I’m alot heavier than my mother and it makes me feel very weird and uncomfortable. I’m not just 10-20 lbs bigger than her. Oh, no. I’m 60 lbs heavier than her! I’ve never seen a teenage girl that was fatter than her mother. Is it normal for a half asian teenage girl to be fatter than her mom since Asian women are usually petite?

78kg isn’t much to go by tbh. I’m currently 96kg, probably 10-12% bf now if I was to guess. So i’m not overweight in terms of fat composition. I’m also overweight using BMI calculations which is wrong. I’m also 189cm without shoes.

If you have a high body fat composition, try exercising a bit and try eating a diet that doesn’t make you store so much fat. Calories don’t mean to much either, not all calorie sources are the same. My advice for someone young isn’t anything drastic. Less carbs and sugar. Don’t be afraid of fats from animals sources.


It is normal.My children will likely be taller than me, because their Taiwanese genes/relatives have a history of being tall than average Their hair is brown, but very straight like typical Asian hair.
It’s all about the roll of the dice with the genes handed down to you. Try not to worry or compare yourself to others about looks, etc.

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My mom is 160, my dad around 175. I’m 189 while my sister is 155. So @Hapadoge, it really doesn’t matter all that much what your parents are like. The height difference between my and my sister is proof.


In my 100% white family, my sister’s got more weight than my mother, while I’m skinnier than my father. Like CT said, it’s the gene lottery.

And if that’s any bother to you, know that you don’t need to look like Ariana Grande to attract the attention of guys or, in general, fit in. A positive and chill character goes a much longer way.

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My hair is real complicated. It’s not like Asian hair. It tends to get greasy and dandruff-y (which I inherited not from my mom or dad but from my (Agong 阿公 ) It’s kinda wavy and frizzy and sometimes it has these pesky flipped ends which I hate. I always try to make sure my hair ends are curved inwards. Also are your children Taiwanese from the mother or father side? (Not sure if you are the mom or dad)

Mother is Taiwanese.
So, actually, if they are taller than me, I will be very happy (it won’t be from my genes). Their Taiwanese uncle is over 190cm.

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Both of my Taiwanese uncles (mom’s brothers) are short. The older one is 170 cm and the younger one is 165 cm. And my Taiwanese grandmother (Ama) is only 150 cm. My mom’s family is short. My dad’s parents are short too but somehow my dad is like 6’1’. My sister (whose about to be in 7th grade) is almost as tall as my mom, who is 160 cm

Yeah roll of the dice
My dad was slim and my mom Slim and I was slim until I was 30 then I fattened up
My grandpa on my Taiwanese moms side was FAT

And I picked up the FAT from him

My grandpa on my white dads side was slim too

By American standards I’m not fat but by Taiwanese standards I am

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She gave her height and weight and with the numbers she gave, it’s enough to go by. Your numbers don’t mean much to me, because I don’t have an image of what your height and weight looks like. I think that’s why you’re saying there’s not much to go by. However, she and I are the same height. I’m a broad-shouldered, noticeably muscular 160, and at my largest (and not happiest) was at 172-174 (where she’s at). She even remarks she’s wayy heavier than the average teen [girl].

OP, I feel ya. You’re obviously not happy about your weight. You can continue to focus on your genetics. But it’s not going to help you much because it’s largely not under your control. You’ll need to do what all of us do to slim down and stay there… make good food choices, and find some form of physical activity you enjoy. You’ve got so many years to experiment and play around with this… different forms of exercise, different food plans, different looks at different weights… good luck and have fun! Also, don’t compare yourself with mom. Maybe you’ll really like your look at 142 or something and still be obviously bigger than her.

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Yeah at my mom’s body weight, I’d be anorexic.
At my height, I believe 130-150 would be ideal. I used to be really obsessed with height, weight, and BMI in 8th grade. For some reason, I think I lost a few pounds during quarantine. I was about mid to high 170s, now I’m around 170. I guess it’s those walks I’ve been taking. Tranquil, reclusive walks are my choice in exercise. I like doing this because talking to myself is fun. Plus since I’m on the computer so much, I sometimes forget to snack in between meals lol

Huh. Interesting. Cuz my momma told me weight loss is due to “70% diet, 30% exercise.” Oh and my parents are extremely strict with grocery shopping. They’ll say no to almost anything I ask for even if it’s not that bad.

It’s probably more like 90% diet and 10% exercise unless you do like 5 hours a day at the gym.

I’m saying not all calories are the same. 500 calories from protein and fat is a lot different than 500 from sugar and carbs.


Good choice with the walking. Walking is perhaps one of the most underrated forms of aerobic exercise. Just make sure you have the right shoes for the terrain, the weather and your gait.

You’re still growing. You’ll settle into your body and figure out what works for you eventually. Although hair can be a lifelong struggle, I’m afraid.


Is your earwax sticky or flaky?

Sticky is the white people one, is that right?


It really depends on your metabolism, percentages vary from people to people. I feel like as long as I hit the gym three times a week I can eat pretty much anything, I won’t be putting on any weight.

Also worth mentioning is, it’s better to think in terms of habit goals rather than body goals. A friend of mine has a BMI that puts him in the “anorexic” category even though he’s a hearty eater; another friend keeps a balanced diet and goes climbing every weekend but has been told she’s got high levels in cholesterol and should “eat less and exercise more.” That’s another part of the gene lottery, your body reacts in its own ways. Just keep healthy habits, don’t have a wreck of a diet, break a sweat once a week and you’ll be fine.

wait… is that like if you have an innie or an outie?