Is it ok with Taiwan immigration if you enter the country with a one way ticket but have an ARC

I was just wondering if immigration will allow me to enter Taiwan on a one way ticket if I have a work visa?? I am thinking about coming to Taiwan initially with a return ticket and working for two months before having to return for my brother’s wedding in Australia, just for a couple of days then going back to Taiwan on a one way ticket. Is this possible or will immigration not allow me back into the country. I asked the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in my city and they said I have to have return ticket when entering with a landing visa or visitors visa but when I asked them about entering on a working visa they asked me to contact immigration in Taiwan. The seemed unsure about this and I don’t know why they couldn’t give me a definite answer. Can anyone clarify this for me?? Has anyone entered on a one way ticket and if so did you have any problems.?? Thanks Erick

If you have an ARC or can prove that you are going to get one you don’t need a return or onward ticket.

Two issues… what the airline will accept at check-in and what immigration will accept. Immigration point already answered.

The airline will look for a sticker in the passport. Either a visa or one of those re-entry sticker things. If they see either or both, they shouldn’t need to see any onward/return ticket. I suppose an ARC should also do the trick…

When you get an ARC they stamp your passport with a re-entry permit. That’s what you need.


If you have an ARC card, you will also have a resident visa and re-entry permit in your passport. If all of this is completed within the time period before you depart for Australia, then you will be a legal resident of Taiwan. You will, legally, live here and won’t need to have an onward ticket as Taiwan is obviously where you reside.