Is it possible to get a Work Permit without an original diploma?

The title says it all. It turns out that my father literally burned my original diploma in the States. I’ve contacted my school, and they say that it takes 10-12 weeks to get one, which is time I don’t have (I am in Taipei now, and I have limited funds). I’m looking to get a job here while I get my stuff sorted out, but this is going to be rough. Either I’m going to need to work illegally, or I’m going to need to get proper documents, or I’ve got to find a work around.

What I do have is a singular copy of my diploma, in black and white. It is not notarized. From what I see, I need to get a notarized copy of my diploma with a Chinese translation of it that also has to be notarized by the TECO nearest my state. To get that first notarized copy, I should have my original diploma, and I should be present when getting it notarized. This doesn’t seem feasible. In particular, this doesn’t seem feasible within the limited time frame that I need it within. This is all a matter of many weeks, when I need something nearly immediately. Am I completely screwed, or is there a way that I can get some kind of letter from my school (which I would need notarized, translated, and TECO notarized) that I can use to get my work permit in place of it? Or is there something I can do with my current copy of my diploma to get these other processes working, despite not having an original?

I know that you are not lawyers here on this forum, but any help that you might be able to provide me would be greatly appreciated.

When I got my first teaching job all I had was an official copy of my diploma issued by my school. It didn’t have anything notarized or stamped and it was good enough to get hired on and get my ARC. I had the same concern as you at the time. Evidently the larger chain schools have little issue getting work permits for their teachers. I seriously doubt a photo copy of my degree would have cut it though. It’s also known that some of the smaller schools are willing to hire teachers part time under the table, maybe even without an official copy of said diploma. That would be illegal though, so I can’t recommend it. Feasibly, it could get someone by until they got a copy of their diploma in the mail. I also heard of agents that will place teachers for short term gigs and might not even ask to see your passport. But again, it’s illegal and I advise against it :whistle: Maybe some of the more experienced teachers have different or better advice for you, but based on my experience once you get an official copy issued by your school in your hands it should be enough to get a legit job/visa.