Is it possible to get bad batch of Taiwan Beer?

I bought some Taiwan beer at Family Mart a week ago and every can seems to taste like oil or taste spoiled or something. I know what it should taste like.

It’s not expired so is it possible something is wrong with it? Any way to check that? So I don’t know what to say to Family Mart. Maybe send something to the beer company?


Go directly to the company. Pringles came out with new flavors once and I told them it was horrible in detail of what’s wrong and comparing them to other chips out there and saying what I thought would be a good idea. They actually brought me in and I spent a whole day tasting pringles and telling them on which ones I think is good and gross and how to improve it. They have me like crates of Pringles in return. Maybe Taiwan beer would do the same.

I was actually one of the people they brought in to do market research in Taiwan on Oreos when I was a kid here. I spent a whole day trying Oreos, ones that are out for today like the chocolate cream fillings and double stacks before they were released.

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Everything is possible, spoiled beer doesn’t need to be over date.

Beer quality is highly dependent on storage conditions, despite pasteurization. Ideally, beer should be stored cool and dark. A lot of convenience stores or supermarkets just keep them in corners that are not air-conditioned (which is a real problem in summer).

I’ve had bad imported beer but also local beer that tasted not quite right, even before the Best Before date. Get in touch with Taiwan Beer/TTL, tell them where you bought it and ask for a refund.


There’s no harm in asking Family Mart first. Those stores are pretty good at customer service. They have to be or they’d be out of business.

I’ve occasionally had a Taiwan Beer that tastes metallic, which is usually caused by incorrect cleaning at the brewery. Never had one tasting really spoiled as you describe.

It happens to me all the time, especially when I buy from mom and pop stores. Like mentioned above: bad storage.

Totally. Though last month I bought some cans from 7. It wasn’t spoiled it was a strong soap disinfectant taste. I tried the other cans. That one I am sure is TTL cleaning their tanks and not rinsing well enough. Was horrible.

Aren`t all batches bad batches? Tastes like rancid piss (I am guessing).

In the sense it’s fermented or in the sense Taiwan beer is better known locally as horse piss?

Agreed, but rancid piss put out by the government and actively limits competition should at least be consistent with its rancidity levels. Plus I don’t like tasting soap in my yeast infection expired rice beverage.

That’s interesting, I’ve never run into this. I would suspect the canning operation before the actual brewing process. Did you pour out some of this beer into a glass? Soap in the beer might have changed its appearance.

The problem might have been a poor rinsing of the (soap washed) cans after filling. The soap you tasted might have come from the depressed ring around the top of the can. A little beer washes out on your first sip, the leftover soap dissolves in, and that way you keep tasting soap. Which would be disgusting.

Were you blowing bubbles like in Bugs Bunny??

Because that would be cool.

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A few years ago we bought a box of 24 , tried a few of the cans and they were bad.
My wife phoned Taiwan Beer, and within the hour someone came to the house on a scooter, apologised, gave us a new crate, and took away the bad crate.
Their beer might not be the best in the world, but their customer service is up there!

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That is some good service!

Bojack, this was at the farm…, so back of the truck straight from the can. 3 of us had same reaction. Definitely within the can, not a glass. No bubbles though haha.

Well, that is weird then. I’m surprised (very surprised) the soap didn’t kill/prevent/alter the development of the wort. Also highly unusual that nobody tasted the batch before releasing if for consumption by the public.

Just seems far more likely that soap contamination would take place after brewing, not during.

I agree, I like your can theory or perhaps the pipes and works used to fill the cans. Thinking about it, like not the vats as you say someone would test at least a glass from every batch.

That’s been covered before in great detail in the “Is it possible to get a good batch of Taiwan Beer” thread.

According to a Belgian professor ‘brewology’ (brewing technology), 30% of all lagers is 'off ’ in some way.