Is it possible to get passport overeas?

Ive been reading and searching a possible answer of this forum but did not get same situation that i have.
Iam taiwanese and my wife is a Philippine citizen I have a son born in Philippines holding a philippine passport but I’am planning to apply an overseas taiwan passport to him in TECO Philippines. Can me and my wife able to apply taiwan passport overseas to him? What is the possible requirements.
Hope someone could clear these things,
I sincerely asking for your suggestions and opinion.

I don’t know but if you were both Taiwanese parents and he was born while you’re overseas, then the local TECO or Taiwan government would have to issue a passport or at least a travel document to travel back to Taiwan.

So it makes sense they have the capability to issue your child a passport or travel Document.

OP, do you read chinese?

If so, here is how to get a passport for your son.

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Yes i read chinese
Thank you @tando for the information
So my son is capable i’ven if my wife is not taiwan citizen.

if not maybe they can apply dual citizenship in Philippines

Do you mean a NWOHR passport? (NWOHR = national without household registration)

Yes a NWOHR passport,
Is my son capable on it?

I’m U.S. citizen, my wife is Taiwanese. We got the application forms online from U.S. TECO website, applied from the U.S., and got our kids Taiwan NWOHR passports. Hopefully the same for your kids, in both cases the kids have one Taiwanese parent (unless Taiwan treats Philippine parents differently?)

My understanding is that this NWOHR passport is not full Taiwan citizenship for your kids. Before they become adults they would have to live in Taiwan and get household registration to be eligible for full “citizen” passport. But don’t rely on my second hand knowledge for issues of immigration and citizenship, call TECO office and ask as a starting point.

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Thank you so much @jmee for the information