Is it possible to have your APRC declined after passing stage 1 and paying?

I’m getting a little anxious since my ARC expiry date is coming up in just over a month. I’m on week 6 of waiting, and the website still says it’s under review. And the desk attendant did say the wait time will be longer this time of year.

So far, it passed the first review, and they called me and asked me to pay the 10,000 NTD. Obviously, it could still be rejected, but has anyone heard of this happening? (passing the first stage review, paying, and then getting declined)

Basically, I’m just trying to put my mind at ease haha… I have my whole life here.

Stop overthinking.


They don’t ask you to pay if you are not going to be approved.

NT$10k too much for me. I took a cheaper NT$1200 option lol


You’re right.

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There are reviews?

I just popped in, gave the docs, the money and was on my way.

Is there anything complicated about your case? If you’re born in certain places and categorized as overseas Chinese then that’s one example where things can take longer and possibly get rejected. If you’re a normal white foreigner then there’s no reason for a rejection. Perhaps if you’re stateless it can get complicated.

The best case scenario is they just go auto pilot on your form submissions. If you start creating a problem, they can probably find a problem with you. They still reserve the right to investigate and interview you. Thisbhas historically been n issue for many. Don’t bother them. If there is an issue, they will tell you. They can be quite immature and petty, rock the boat, expect to get wet :slight_smile:

Even if you are denied (rare in recent years) they won’t be so strict on your arc renewal. They are generally quite calm still remain relatively inept at their job. So don’t sweat it


Or stress and make them open the book on you.

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Mine took 7 weeks, after the preliminary check and paying the NT10,000. So just relax and let the tide come in on its own.

Japan is one place where they not only open the book on every PR applicant, but they tear the book apart looking for a rejection reason. Be late on one pension payment within a few years before the PR application and instant denial. And they won’t tell you the reason for a PR denial either.

Taiwan was never into being that anal fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you view it)


So there is white privilege over other foreigners? What is a normal white foreigner pray tell? What about other normal foreigners?

It’s not unusual for Asian looking foreigners to get a follow up call from NIA asking whether they have Taiwanese or Chinese ancestry. If you answer wrong then that’ll affect your APRC application.

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Well there are also plenty of non Asian non whites who get APRC’s.

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Migrant worker trying to get APRC also has different requirements than your typical foreigner from North America and some can only apply through their employer

I was not talking about migrant workers. Most APRC applicants are not from North America.

Here is a typical demographic survey, which considers Hispanics and Europeans to be White:

If the term White is offensive then I could say Caucasian (do some North Americans consider that offensive since it’s saying they have European roots?)

US census considers middle eastern and Hispanics as White:

6 weeks is pretty normal.

About 5 years ago, it took about 2 months before I got the mail confirmation to get my APRC card.

I’ve never seen this so called typical demographic survey. Won’t find this survey in Asia, Europe UK Australia NZ South America middle east Africa… White isn’t offensive neither is any colour I know of.

Yeah but when you said:

I thought we were broaching upon a sensitive subject so I thought to clarify that this is how the US government classifies the majority of non Asians and people are fine with it even in a country where you have the emancipation act to prevent such white privilege.

No. I laugh when people try and drop the but you have white privilege lines. It’s just a way of judging people by the colour of their skin job.

Now yes you brought up an interesting point that if you look like an overseas chinese you may get rejected. Not that I know of and I know some overseas Chinese from Indonesia Philippines Malaysia that were never asked anything when they got APRC’s.

I had a chuckle that you wrote this… what’s wrong with just being any foreigner. What does a normal foreigner mean? Also why whites lol