Is it possible to hide some forums in Forumosa? [ Hide posts | Hide topics | Mute topics | Unsubscribe ]

I don’t like to watch some forum topics in my feed. Is there a way to unsubscribe from specific forums?

I read some discussion here, but didn’t understand what to do

I want to hide some forums, but remain subscribed to others.

NO, it’s all for one price!

To mute forums, go to your Preferences (click on your avatar at top right, your username at top left of the popup, and then Preferences.) Select Forums at left (or in the right-side dropdown box on mobile). Add the forums you don’t like in the Muted box at bottom. As the legend reads, “You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear on the categories or latest pages.”

Or, toggle your preference using the bell icon at top right of any forum’s page (top center in mobile).


Darn! If I had known that, I’d hide all except one!:thinking:

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Many Thanks! I muted ten topics, now my feed looks much better :slight_smile:


:wink: thanks

I muted two forums a couple of days ago, but they are still showing up in my “latest.” Am I doing something wrong?

Let’s see a screenshot?

Probably those individual threads are set to “Watching” or “Tracking” because you posted in them. I’ve run into this before too. At bottom left of the thread if you toggle that button to “Normal” you shouldn’t see it anymore. The thread control overrides the forum control.