Is it possible to register multiple easy cards with same phone number (for ubike rental)?


I lost previous easy card. Ubike rental machine refuses to register new easy card with same mobile number. What to do?


Ubike can hold 5 cards on the same number. Sounds like your account may be locked. I suggest visiting the ubike customer service center (there is one in xinyi near the taipei city hall met ubike station)


Good luck with customer service.

A few years ago I rented a Ubike and returned it a few hours later. I was with two friends (one Taiwanese) who were witnesses and there with me when I returned it. However, the next day I got a call from Ubike saying the bike hadn’t been returned. I told them the exact station and slot number where I had returned it. They checked and said it wasn’t there.

When I asked about the next step, they said I had to fill out a police report that the bike had been stolen. I did that. I also mentioned to the police and Ubike if they could check any cameras in the area. They never got back to me about that.

Then I found out my Ubike account was locked. Long story short, after years of back and forth, my account is still locked until I pay NT9,000 for a bike that I returned. Like hell I will.

I can now only rent UBikes using my credit card ("One Time Rental "), but not an easy card because I still have only the same phone number. You better believe that when I rent a bike now I take photos of EVERYTHING.


omg, that means someone might have used my easy card and stolen a ubike with it (which is why may be my phone number is blocked). But then again they should have called me (if someone used my card this way).