Is it possible to seek asylum in Taiwan

Hi, this is a serious question i have and am hoping if someone can help me. Im Australian citizen and live in dictatorship Australia, the least free country on earth.

Australia has become a brutal dictatorship during covid and restricts anyone from leaving the country without a permit (only Aus and nth korea do this). The situation here is bad, very very bad. There is no freedoms anymore and all human rights have been violated and police are becoming extremely violent.

I want to go to Taiwan and live there perminantly and become a citizen as i no longer see Australia as my home as its a prison.

If i leave Australia without a permit via the nz travel bubble loophole ill get jail time of i return to Aus so i want to seek asylum somewhere and i like Taiwan so is it possible to do this?


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Comparing Australia to North Korea? That’s a bit hyperbolic.
But to answer your question, Taiwan does not have an asylum programme and Taiwan is not accepting non-resident foreigners at the time.


You should have paid more attention to during your high school history classes!

Seriously by the time casual travel to Taiwan liberalizes, Australia too will have mellowed out. Hang in there!



I would start here. They should be able to answer your questions.

Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)
Facebook | Twitter
No.22, Ln. 61, Tianxiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104
Tel: +886 22 59 69 525
Contact Person: E-Ling Chiu
Tel: +886 22 59 69 525
Mobile: +886 91 00 32 293



Taiwan’s immigration system is basically based on asylum. I think it was made for people wanting to flee communist China or something.

You can come here as an english teacher but there are no formal asylum process in Taiwan, Hong Kong may change things but as it stands Taiwan has no asylum system.


Really? While the States are playing games with their short term dictatorial powers, I don’t hear of any brutal play. You might be better served by going up to Thursday Island and paying some of the Torres Strait Islanders to paddle you across to PNG, from where you can go to Indonesia. In either case I think you will be turning around of your own accord in a big hurry.


That’s basically correct. That doesn’t mean they will let in asylum seekers now.

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I think you’re going to be disappointed to know that Taiwan isn’t exactly Texas or Florida of Asia.

so when can non residents come back to taiwan for like working holiday visa or something?

Probably at about the same time that Australia lets its “prisoners” out.


Dude people here self quarantine. We pressured mayors into forbidding customers dining in restaurants. You really think you can stand this more than your large house and fancy yards in Australia?

Also we just sent 5 hong kong émigrés to USA. You might end up in random country if you seek asylum from us lol

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You could maybe approach the PRC Embassy or Consulate in your state, they might accommodate your request in line with their policies.

How about descendants of prisoners?

Well I was using the term as the OP had described all Australians as prisoners in their own country at present. As to the descendents of the original prisoners (the people that the UK sent on fully paid trips to the Colonies of NSW and Van Diemens Land without return tickets back in the late 1700’s / early 1800’s), I think they mostly are happy to stay put. A cousin of mine is married to one such descendent, and these days being that descendent is a badge of honour, which was not the case about 50 years ago.

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They gave Asylum to many Tibetans., thousands in fact.

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How is this different than anything Americans deal with? While your in lock down why not get your TEFL and start getting all the documents you’ll need for the spring semester?

Sorry if this sounds mean. Not meant to.

prc, u mean china? lol, if i was Gweilo60 or the Barretts or those other shills then maybe they would allow it.

I’ve also heard that over 100,000 people were transported to Australia against their will.

The figure I’ve read is around 60,000.