Is it possible to seek asylum in Taiwan

That’s just pacific Islanders, there was also thousands sent to Australia from Ireland and Britain.

I think @Liam_Og might be referring to the approximately 165,000 Convicts that the British sent between 1788 and 1868. They were either “Transported for Life” or “Transported for xx Years”. It is not known if the latter were offered “return tickets”, and I suspect that most wouldn’t have wanted one in any case.

I am aware of this history. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I know what he was referring to.

Just pointing out some other elements of Australia’s past that may not be as well known.


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So in total it’s over 200, 000 :joy:


Australia is a complex place.



Please don’t even try to come here. And you can’t get to NZ. That loophole closes in one hour. You are obviously very deluded. Get a grip.


Is this you?


u caught me. lol

They are just getting you ready for a divorce from the quuen and your new marriage to a Mr Xi.


Legally no one is allowed to leave australia, or there are no flights, container ships etc?

Seems extreme…cant be that bad there.

Probably John Kerr is behind the scenes there

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Do you prefer a 100 year female basket case or a 60 year old male basket case?

Actually the UK just did a free trade deal with Australia, and it will potentially lower the price of marmite by up to 0.2%, so there

The Covid pandemic is temporary. There are restrictions in most parts of the world in order to minimize spread. Be patient. The pandemic will end.


EDIT: admittedly I don’t know how bad it is recently and currently in AUS, as I have not been to AU during covid period*

Ok jokes aside (though I kinda assume this is a troll post lol). Hope you find a good book or game to enjoy while you (I am certain) rather effortlessly weather the storm of fascism wreaking havoc on your most splendid country. It has a loooong way to go until it hits the “true authoritarian regime” level.:slightly_smiling_face:

All Jokes aside Australia has indeed implemented a very draconian policy for its citizens (and foreigners ) who want to leave or enter Australia and it’s been going on for well over a year already.

Entering has gotten easierfor citizens but they seem to have a very tough exit ban.


Well. Unlike North Korea, one can actually mount a constitutional court challenge.

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Actually this.

One can try to apply for an exemption, but it has to be in Australia’s national interest to let you go, you must provide documents proving you are in one of a small number of approved reasons, and there are other restrictions if you do eventually get approved. Even people who normally live overseas have been trapped and unable to get back home.

There are currently several court battles challenging the legality of the travel ban.

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I’m guessing the op wrote what he did, knowing that it was stupid, but with a legitimate concern behind it.

Something that I can definitely identify with

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