Is it safe to let my pet out unsupervised?

I have a spayed female cat that for the most part stays in the house during the evenings when I get back from work, but I usually like to let her out during the day so she can explore while I am away…there are a lot of stray cats running around Hsinchu in my neighborhood and from chatting with the neighbors, most of their cats have never visited a vet or had any periodic checkup of any sort…I am afraid that my cat may contract some disease or some sort of STD from other cats, especially the ones that have not been neutered or have had any medical checkups…

The other day, when I came back from work, a male cat was mounting my cat from behind…I shooed him away, but I think he “finished” his job…I was always under the impression that a spayed female cat would not produce any scent that would attract males…so I was somewhat dumbfounded when I saw the scene coming home…I called the vet and he basically told me I would have nothing to worry about because she was spayed…he told me to keep an eye on her and see if she has any discomfort, if so, I should bring her in…

Is it okay to let my cat out unsupervised, or should I keep her inside while I am at work? Keeping her inside seems to be a bit cruel…she sort of expects to be let out during the day…thanks in advance for any input…

I’d say keep her inside. Cats can get chased by dogs, poisoned or run over. An added risk, if your cat looks half-way attractive, is that people here are not above stealing pets. When I owned a cat, I never let her out.

Please put a tag on it with your contact info, and/or a chip. Or don’t let it out.

Did I imply I didn’t put proper identication on her? She has a collar/tag and an implanted chip…

The things I’d be worried about would be street dogs chasing/attacking the cat, and of course, people. Actually, I’d be worried ost about people. There are all sorts of scumbags here who will try to poison it, kick it, throw things at it, try to run it over… :fume:

Probably much safer to keep her inside.

This is a subject that I have many problems dealing with myself.

My cat is an inside/outside kind of cat. Since she was old enough to know what was going on, she would wail and scream when I took the dogs outside without her. We had to start taking her out on a leash, and she loved it.

Now I live on the first floor of a quiet neighbourhood (end of a cul-de-sac), she gets to come and go as she pleases. If I kept her inside all the time, she would constantly be stressed and, I feel, not fulfilling her wants in life.

But I do fear what could happen outside. Traffic is slow outside, but there is a fast mountain road nearby. Neighbours are for the most part very kind, but several strays were poisoned nearby very recently.

Then there’s the collar. She has an ID chip, but I don’t put a collar on her, as she likes to climb trees and hide in bushes, and I worry that it might get caught on something and choke her. I have been giving serious thought to making her wear one, though, just to prevent people trying to take her, or if someone finds her in distress.

If she ever disappears or gets killed out there, it will break my heart. But I decided a long time ago thatI would rather she had three or four years of freedom, to enjoy the things she loves, than to be kept a prisoner for fifteen years, especially as I know how muc she hates it.

So, there you are. I moved to a more suitable neighbourhood and gave her her freedom, but I don’t kid myself that something nasty couldn’t happen (she already got bitten by a snake :s ).

What do you think your cat needs? If she isn’t fussed about going out and you live in a neighbourhood with little traffic, why not? If not, keep her safe inside.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought too much about poisoning, getting run over, getting eaten by dogs, etc…the most I’ve worried about in Taiwan is disease…

Being a cat owner, I’ve never seen a cat that would be just happy sitting inside 24/7…they are the type of animals that enjoy a little freedom during part of the day, and then come home to spend some quiet time…I might consider keeping her indoors all the time if somebody was at home when I was at work, but I don’t think my small studio is enough to keep her entertained for that long…I will have to think about it some more…

My friend used to take his cat to the rooftop garden for exercise and stimulation. And I used to walk my cat. These are both good alternatives to giving her free rein outside.