Is it sluggish for u 2?

I’m finding some pages, like Yahoo! mail and Google surprisingly slow tonite.

Anyone else?



even hotmail is VERY slow today.

I tried the Internet Traffic Report but that looks good.

Anyone know what is going on?

BTW, before anyone asks, I’m using ADSL @1.5MB/384K


Still slow… 8:35pm… “internet traffic report” is NOT that good… around 67 for Asia when it has been up at 81.

Some sites plain won’t load… hotmail, yahoo mail… yet some other sites load ok ( cnn etc )

Have had no problems on ADSL at work nor on cable at home. Perhaps you should call your ISP, maybe they’re doing work in your area.

Standstill here. Can’t access Yahoo, Ifilm and many other pages.

Just tried Yahoo, Hotmail and several other offshore sites, no problems on Cable, perhaps Hinet is having difficulties. Actually websites are coming up even faster than normal, so maybe Hinet is down and the loading reduced.

No probs here. Dunno if running my dsl through a router does anything but definately same as normal here.