Is it the teaching or the schmoozing in Chinese- Celebrity Teachers

I’m really curious as to what the people want. When a famous teacher, formally newscaster and writer, produces adds or publicly speaks he will say only a few words in English. The rest is in highly articulate Chinese…

I view him as a traitor, he should be sharing his Chinese skills with us, teaching foreigners how to understand the language for the betterment of the international community. Same goes for the owner or head teacher of a chain that uses an animal as a mascot.

Closer to home, a long time ago we met this guy who really Chose a big adventure. He lived with his girlfriend here in Taiwan. The girlfriend spoke almost no English and he managed to improve his Chinese one thousand fold so he told us when we met him at a caves bookstore.

A few years later, he is doing motivational or grammar speeches for public school teachers. My wife had to attend one of his seminars. Many teachers seemed to go gagga over him. My wife, who has to put up with a foreigner every day felt that it was pretty low on substance. He did the material but the wife thought it was nothing special It was more him showcasing his Chinese in her opinion.

What, there are sides? In that wacky game of teaching/consulting/paleface pontification?
And here I thought it was Dog Eat Dog.
Eat Cat, too.