Is it worth it?

I own a Ford Telstar 3D 1997 1.8 liter. (170 000km) The gas pump broke as well as the solenoid. I was quoted NT$20 000 for replacing them both. Should I spend this much on such an old car?

Get another quote, and if they say the same then pay it and fix your ride.

Ask if those prices are for new parts, and, if so, how much used ones would be.

Do this at more than one black hand establishment. If you still don’t like the numbers, take a tour of some scrapyards.

I’d guess scrappies might want to charge you more, being Guanxi-less and foreign, but you could just about buy a car (certainly a bao-feid car) for 20K.

Fitting those parts doesn’t sound like an especially horrible job, though it’ll depend how restricted the access is.

My Telstar 1.8T , i ended up putting 450,000KM on it. It ran like a gem for the first six years then it gradually started costing more and more. By 400,000 it was nearly done in.

So sounds like you still have a lot of life left in yours. Probably worth it at this point to get it running again. But i dumped mine after 11 years. 1997 plus 11 = 2008. so its gettin long in the tooth.

Because of the low miles its probably worth it. IF it was over 400,000km , id say time to get rid of it , as its a slippery slope from there.

And you can shop some independents for a better price as Ford dealerships are not known to give you the best price, even if their service “should” be better.

Fuel Pump Replacement How To (“Australian” spelling)

Doesn’t seem too bad.

Starter solenoids often come as a unit with the starter, and separate replacement might not be an option (at least if you’re using new parts). That might partly explain the high price.

IIRC some Ford solenoids are separate, but I’m not sure if that applies to the Telstar. I don’t THINK it was separate on my Mazda 626 (I think that’s essentially the same car) but its a long time ago, and I never had to fiddle with it, so I’m not sure.