Is kindergarden work ok?

Hi all,

I poked around for info but now figure I’ll just post my question:

Is kindergarden work legal or not legal these days? I think it changed back to being illegal. Yes? No?


technically illegal if you are a foreigner.

It’s still illegal…

Unless you have a JFRV ARC or an Open Work Permit, and then it’s only against Min. of Ed. regulations. Or something like that. If you have an Open Work Permit or a JFRV ARC and you’re not teaching English, you’ll only get frowned at. If you have a JFRV ARC or an Open work permit and you walk by a kindergarten during business hours, you’ll probably be ok too, but who knows for sure… :s

thanks for the reply.

If you are on a regular work permit they can revoke it and order you to leave. If you have a JFRV ARC or OWP then they can only fine the school.

It’s one of those grey/ closer to black, and yet moving toward the light areas.

Risky in Taipei. Much safer in the boonies.

Reality is that kindies want teachers - teachers want the hours.

Illegal - yes Wrong - hmmmmmmmmmmm…