Is Krakatoa going to erupt again?

Is Krakatoa coming alive again ?

It sure made quite a scene the last time

It just has erupted. That’s why there was a tsunami.

This is pretty shocking footage:

Was just reading a couple of the band members died. I’m sure quite a few others as well.

It doesn’t look hopeful for the missing.

They’re at 62 dead now.

Is Indonesia always this wracked with natural disasters or has it been worse recently? Seems like it’s been one big thing after another for them this past year.

“A tsunami killed at least 168 people and injured 745”

That was pretty crazy.

Indonesia has had a very tough year with multiple devastating earthquakes in Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java.
In Bali, we have had the eruptions of Mt Agung and numerous quakes. For a week or so our family slept clothed, with a ready bag and emergency supplies waiting. Stressful.


Completely off topic, but how do you stay in Indonesia long term? Marriage visa?

“Family based” permanent residency permit.


I figured as much. They really don’t make the residency process easy there. Wouldn’t want to live in Bali though. It’s a beautiful place, but the humidity just killed me.

Dealing with officialdom here has, literally, left me in tears.

Over 200 now.

This news is all over the TV here. The vocalist of the band Seventeen, in the above video, was shown crying, pleading for his missing wife to “Hurry home. Today is your birthday”. I can’t imagine his feelings, having survived by clutching onto a road case, while his bandmates perished

How did he survive? Did he manage to grab something that kept him afloat while the wave was going?

It was reported that he grabbed onto an equipment case to keep afloat

Hope it stays quiet now. I was reading this from the 1883 eruption.

I don’t want to split hairs here, but aren’t we talking about Krakatoa jr.?

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