Is Krakatoa going to erupt again?


You mean what’s left of the original ? I just thought the history was interesting


I read a book on it. It was big


Is it East of Java?


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"Anak Krakatau’s steep slope following its eruption.

The volcano’s name translates to “Child of Krakatoa,” a volcanic island formed over years after one of the largest, most devastating eruptions in recorded history occurred at the Krakatoa volcano more than a century ago."

Yeah, it’s what grew out of the hole Krakatoa left. Side bar, I was there in that very bay about 10 years ago on a dive trip. Gorgeous place, perfect cone volcanoes all around. The thought of how devastating it would be to have them erupt did cross my mind. Just an awful thing from which, unless you just relocate beforehand, there is no escape.


It’s a handgun. :whistle:


It is a worry , when you think of the sheer power if they erupt fully. Same with the "super Volcanoes. :open_mouth:


Actually, I am mistaken. We landed in Bali and went East toward Komodo Island, so Krakatoa Jr., must just another cone volcano named to shake the berjeezus out the tourists. What’s left of Krakatoa seems to be West of Jakarta.


I’m sorry , I can only accept your first answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


The year of no summer in Europe iirc.


Lots of intense sunsets painted too!



Anak Krakatau is west of Java, in the strait between Java and Sumatra.


Anak Krakatau位於爪哇島西部,位於爪哇島和蘇門答臘島之間。


And the site of the big blast in 1883.


Are you practicing using Google Translate?


Affirmative …hence the confusion


The confusion is probably caused by the alcohol…


Is the danger over ? Or is there a risk of another eruption ?


Just keep your hands out of your pockets and you should be fine. :wink: