Is Krakatoa going to erupt again?


West actually


Well, yeah. I mean, it’s an active volcano.


They said you were “active”.


Actually, the volcano EYE was referring to is East of Java, closer to Komodo Island. The one which caused the tsunami is in the bay West of Jakarta.

Everybody good now? :+1:


“Active.” “Ticking.” Whatever. :whistle:




Etna just blew its top yesterday too. Hmm, wonder if it’s linked. Could volcanic activity around the world set each other off?


If that were true, Krakatoa would have set the world afire in 1880something.


I wonder how many other volcanoes erupted during the same week of the 1880 something Krakatoa eruption.


How many erupted the other day? :idunno:


What if somebody erupts in China every time you erupt? :open_mouth:


Dunno. I often wonder as in the old country volcanoes do erupt in sequence: one starts, rest follow.


How many volcanoes erupt every day?
The Smithsonian Institution has the Global Volcanism Network and a monthly bulletin about eruptions. About 50 to 60 eruptions happen each month. Some volcanoes are in constant activity — Stromboli, Kilauea, or Sakurajima, for example. There are many examples of volcanoes which show some sign of renewed danger and then erupt within an hour, though more commonly, within one day. Most eruptions last hours but some continue for weeks and months.


Well, I guess the question was were they related. My guess is no.

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I figured you wrote it. :doh:


That’s my guess too. Just a coincidence. And not even, considering a volcano is erupting somewhere every day pretty much. Given the distance between them, I don’t see how there could be any correlation unless there was increased activity in many places.


I tend to think volcanic activity and quakes are related at least in the ring of fire


Well if we could just get a word in before Mr. Smith :rofl:


No one is questioning that. Thunder follows lightning. The question is Is volcanic activity in one are connected to volcanic activity in another area?