Is Li-Ren on Anhe Road a good school?

Does anyone have any experience (as a teacher or as a parent) with Li Ren school on section 2 of Anhe Road? It’s supposed to be a good bilingual school. I am thinking about enrolling my children there once they hit the elementary school age. From what I have gathered on their website ( they offer a true bilingual program: half day Chinese and half day English classes. All English classes are taught by foreign teachers.

Other schools we are considering are Fuxing (it’s supposed to be a bilingual school too), Ren-Ai (a local elementary school, 1st and 2nd graders only attend half-day programs so we will need to supplement with English after-school lessons), or TAS (most likely not an option at this point as we would like our children to have a good Chinese language foundation).

Thank you!

I was told buy a student there, that the teachers hit the kids, if they don’t get the grades they are expected to.

I haven’t heard about the hitting…But I do know that a) it is bi-lingual b) it is higher pressure / more homework, but nothing out of line if you are considering Fu-xing.

In the end we chose TBS and got Chinese tutuors.

Thank you for your response! I was hoping to hear from those who have first hand experience with Li-Ren, either as a teacher or as a parent. We really want to raise our children in a bilingual environment and from what we read about Li-Ren, this school sounds good.

Right now we re leaning towards enrolling the kids in Ren Ai public elementary school and supplement with after school English programs from their current preschool. When the kids are older, we may transfer them to TAS or go back to the US.