Is Michael Turton worth following? [Blog ENDED - September 2018]


No he does not. He submits articles to various publications around the world. It is clear that he wants to tbe aken seriously as a commentator of Taiwan politics. It is fair game then if people comment on predictions that are full of biases.


Sure, it is. But my point is that he’s free to do whatever he wants with his stupid blog and opinions. And he doesn’t need to undergo some validation because he’s not doing it for the government or anything. You, and anybody else, can call it on bullshit, and probably I would do the same if I had the time and knowledge to analyze his articles.


Sure, but Turton’s political biases aren’t much worse than Liberty Times (自由時報) or Taipei Times.


or Taiwan News.


I agree. But let`s call a hack, a hack then. Not a serious, studious, or balanced pundit.

Do people consider the Taiwan News or Taipei Times a valuable must-read international paper? Of course not. They are mouthpieces. Not something Taiwan studies or international pundits should take all too seriously.

If you are comparing his blog to these rags, then I am in full agreement.:smile:


Is there even such a thing as a balanced pundit?


No need to be balanced, but if you are a one-trick pony and interpret every event through the same lens and filter, it gets too predictable and uninteresting.


He’s been doing that for 15 years already.


Not too different from many Forumosans.


Don’t you find that comforting? Knowing exactly what a poster’s position will be on any issue before they’ve posted?


On here, sure. But for politics blogs? Even pro-green blogs don`t have to be so knee jerk. J Michael Cole is a lot better of a writer, IMHO.