Is milk homogenized in Taiwan?

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if the milk bought in supermarkets in Taiwan is typically homogenized? (It would obviously be pasteurized, but homogenized, too?) I am looking to find non-homogenized milk here and do not read Chinese. :slight_smile:

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

I think it’s hard these days to find non-homogenized milk in a supermarket anywhere in the world. Consumers are just not used to seeing their milk separate into layers.

Maybe some organic stores carry it, otherwise you have to go straight to the farm.

It is 無均質化 in Chinese.

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If it wasn’t you’d know.

They homogenize milk so it doesn’t have crap floating in it or be all lumpy.

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Thank you so much. Is this “homogenized” or “non-homogenized” in Chinese? (if I plug it into Google translate, it gives “homogenization”)
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, that might very well be the case.

homogenized 均質化
non-homogenized 無均質化

You might need to buy your own cow. @Dr_Milker?


I am looking for a farm that might deliver non-homogenized milk to Taipei. Otherwise, I read that goat’s milk is naturally homogeneous and so is not homogenized. Does anyone know if goat’s milk is available in Taiwan?

Goat’s milk is available and can be delivered to your door every morning.

They may deliver.

There was a big scandal last year where it came out their stuff was cut heavily with cow’s milk.

If that matters.

It matters. Plus the cow milk is cut with water. And the water is cut with heavy metals.

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And the cow food is cut with hazardous chemicals from being grown in local water.

So by the time it reaches milk stage it’s all very nicely heavily concentrated.

So basically everything kills us :frowning:

Wonderful, thanks so much for the info!

Sometimes I wonder if milk in Taiwan is actually milk.

It’s “milk”

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Sometimes my students will go overboard with quotation marks and they’ll write about “bubble” “milk” “tea”. Well, they’re not wrong …

Ahh, the insufferably repetitive “milk” thread.

Jeez, has it been 6 months already???:roll_eyes: