Is my birth certificate enough?

Due to abuse, I have not been in contact with my family in years. I do, however, have my US birth certificate which states my parents Taiwan ROC nationality. Will this be enough for me to possibly get a TARC or NWOHR Passport or am I just out of luck? Also, due to the coronavirus and already being in Taiwan is it possible to apply here or do I have to apply through US TECO’s? I also do not mind hiring a lawyer and any recommendations are appreciated.

how old are you? do you have contact with your grandparents (who are hopefully in taiwan)? w/o parental help, your situation isn’t great, and generally you need to do this from the US first if you’ve never even gotten an ROC passport. but it’s possible your parents got one for you or even put you on the household register (more common for girls). in summary, w/o your parents helping out, you probably won’t have much luck.

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it will not hurt to visit boca in person to consult on your case.

does the certificate show their national ID or permanent address in Taiwan? If you have those informatio, you might get the transcript of their household registration, and it might help.

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I’m over 21+ and unfortunately both my maternal and paternal grandparents passed away. I do not know any family in Taiwan (my parents did not bother maintaining relations). But I have travelled to Taiwan a few times when I was younger and may have been added to their family registry. How do I check and is it possible to find out with just my birth certificate?

Thank you, I am planning on making a trip to the BOCA soon. I don’t believe it does, but I’ll double check and update as soon as possible.

Edit: Unfortunately it does not. Just their nationality, date of birth, and name. However, their names are the phonetic English spelling of their native names if that matters. But I don’t know their exact Chinese characters.