Is my dog trying to kill herself?

I’m very worried about my dog. We got her last August from the pound. She has had cancer and is at least 7 years old. Twice in the last week she has refused to come in. We live in Canada now, so it is cold out. She hides under the deck. Yesterday she was outside under the deck for nine hours, and it was -20 C out. (She is a medium-sized dog and has short hair.) She wouldn’t come out from under the deck for food, treats, or water. We sent our other dog in after her, but she couldn’t get her to come out either. I was just about to try to wriggle my way under the deck to get her when she came out. We took her inside - her eyes were streaming and she was shuddering with cold. She seemed fine after about half an hour wrapped in a blanket.
Some people have told me that dogs try to ‘go away’ when they feel they are near death. Do you think this is what she is doing? She doesn’t seem sick except for this odd behavior, and she doesn’t seem to be in pain. Any ideas?

Is it too hot inside? Is the other dog bullying her?

I’d keep her inside except for walks to relieve herself and observe carefully.

Maybe she’s just freaked about the cold?

I don’t think so, because both times she was shivering violently when she came in.

[quote]Is the other dog bullying her?[/quote]No, in fact she bullies the other dog.

Dont let her out by herself without a lease for awhile. Until the summertime. Take her to a vet. Animals dont generally commit suicide.

You say she has cancer? She may have some kind of brain tumor/blockage. They can get confused and not know what’s going on when age hits in.

Bullying or agression can also be a sign of discomfort. Dogs and cats snap at others when they are uncomfortable (think of a woman on her period :wink: I’ve noticed this with all of my older dogs, it’s the grumpy syndrome.

Find her a safe place in the house away from the other dogs for a while, some where she can go and be alone where it’s warm and safe (small nook is usually enough). If they have a place to hide out just from the noise and hussle and bussle it is good.

Watch her eating and toileting to make sure it’s regular (color/timing/etc).

Watch the way she holds her head, does it tilt to one side more, does she bang into walls, does she get startled easily?

Old age keeps up on different animals at different times.

I honestly don’t think she’s trying to commit suicide, she’s confused and just needs to stay calm and warm.

Only walk her on the lead even round the garden and then bring her back in when she’s done her business at least until the weather warms up.
There are lots of websites and info on old age in dogs, it’s an idea to have a look at some and get some tips.

Yes, dogs may react to sickness as if they were under attack.