Is picking on strangers' appearances a Taiwanese habit?


Yeah, nothing kills a relationship faster than daily snarky comments, even if they’re well-meaning. It slowly but surely eats away like rot at the foundations of a relationship of any kind, whether it is casual, professional, personal, or familial.


Apart from the cultural factors, is it also a part of the ugly side of human nature?
Sometime, to put it politely here, it is the people who look rather unattractive themselves that criticize other people’s looks most.

For instance, I’ve seen and heard over-weighted men / boys calling other people “fat pig”, or rather unattractive women / girls calling other people “ugly bitch”.
In a Psychological point of view, they are relieving their anxiety, anger, and other negative feelings about themselves by criticizing others who appear to be as vulnerable as they are.
This is not healthy or cool.


I gained a good 8kg last semester. My students called me fat every day.

I lost that weight…and more…this semester. Not a single student has commented on that fact.

People here act like little bitches in general. 50 years of martial law+living with mommy and daddy till you’re 30=an island of children. Taiwan is the world’s largest high school.


Taiwanese nicknames among friends are often based on physical factors as well.


小胖 (xiao pang) is never the skinny kid!


1/4 of the time I get in taxi’s, I get asked if I play basketball and exactly how tall I am now that I think of it.


I get asked this in most countries I go, so it’s probably a universal thing :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you say? Like I prefer baseball. And it’s not like I’m a professional player.


It depends. I usually say that I do play professional basketball if the other person has asked it in a polite manner.


Taxi driver usually asked me if I’m from vietnam …(ok wondering I look like female vietcong :smile:)

and will add up so you are married to Taiwanese :smirk:

Will reply back “nope” not married and I’m not from vietnam…

Wish didn’t take taxi … ok just drop me over there.

In office - going to female WC : cleaner will ask oh where do you clean?

Oh I clean over there … cleaning full 8 hrs. but i’m not using mops.

Ok, probably I look cleaner because I don’t wear makeup and I only wear simple clothes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I honestly hate making conversation with taxi drivers. Unless I open my mouth, I really just want to chill. And usually I have noise canceling earphones on, so it’s really annoying as I just want to listen to music but I don’t want to be rude. I uber a lot because of this now. Today I got asked again if I’m a professional athlete going to work in the taxi. I mean given I was in a athletic uniform because I train and work at a gym I get it, but I get asked about my height and if I play basketball almost every other taxi ride.


just pretend your chinese is as bad as mine! they usually give up after a while when they figure out i can’t say much. apart from the one guy who kept talking, and started singing a happy song about taiwan being great and china being shite after i told him i just came back from china.


Just tell them “How healthy are you? I saw a very skinny person getting a stroke the other day. It is funny that person looks like you. Be careful, you could be the next.”


This sounds unreal.
No matter what types of offices I have been to, if a man / woman dresses casually, I just think he / she may be a visitor, that’s all.
Unless you’re in a uniform of a cleaning company (which shows the name of the company on that uniform), why would anyone assume you to be a cleaner at work?


I find women have their bum leak out of their pants. Yes it’s nice to look at but if they say you foreigner. Why you have dark skin? I say why you have your bum leak out your pants? And they get angry.


It’s real - I don’t know why she asked me where I cleaned?

I wear long sleeve with collar shirt and jeans.

Most of my colleagues are in dress, wearing makeup.
So I just replied her - That yeah, I’m cleaner over there.

There are so many things that i experience while taking cab, taking bus, while at bus stop waiting for bus…

I was even ask if I’m prostitutes (this while with my one of my colleague in taxi cab)… I don’t wear makeup, just long sleeve with collar and jeans sometimes in plain t-shirt and jeans.

Waiting at the bus stop, been approach by elder woman asking if i’m single because she had unmarried son.


Most Taiwanese people don’t work out. Some people have never ever touched barbells or dumbbells for their whole life.
So, they have a strange standard of “Being thin is good, and anything else is bad”.

In the gym where I used to go to, a mate who is obviously a power lifter (which means the body fat is essentially not going to be too low) got called “胖子,該減肥了(Fatty, you should lose weight!)” by people who never work out and look weak as hell.


Another social observation:Comparatively ignorant people tends to give the most advice to others.

My ex-friend, who is a Doctor of Education and a professor now, got so many comparatively uneducated people telling her how she should teach and raise her own children.

In the gym where I used to go to, a mate who is obviously a power lifter (which means the body fat is essentially not going to be too low) got called “胖子,該減肥了(Fatty, you should lose weight!)” by people who never work out and look weak as hell.

My Asian-American co-worker who is a native speaker of English got Taiwanese people who learn English as a foreign language telling him how he should improve his English.

The list just goes on and on.


yea but you need to remember, westerners are open minded. taiwanese are traditional. no matter how much skin taiwanese girls are showing off, they are t r a d i t i o n a l. only western women are the open minded ones. don’t forget it!


No doubt about that.
I for one will never forget that because my very first date was a European.:blush: