Is picking on strangers' appearances a Taiwanese habit?


Who the hell cares…


AFAIK, rising obesity imposes financial burdens on health care systems. That means all that fried chicken and half-sugar pearl milk teas will translate into higher NHI payments from everyone in the future.


That’s kind of how my office environment is like. There’s an older colleague part of my team that is over weight and she’s the one telling me that if I drink sports drink when not exercising, it’s bad for me. Too bad I already knew it, but not like her comment made me want to stop. I could also say, drinking bubble tea everyday can make you fat too. However, I don’t judge people’s life choices.

At the end of the day, I could honestly care less what they think of the way I dress or what I decide to eat. I enjoy riding my bike to the top of mountains. They enjoy caring about what others eat and their appearances.


Taiwan is crowded enough as it is. If every Taiwanese doubled in size, then the MRT and buses would be more packed than they are now.


Most people in Taiwan -and take it from someone who participated in a hospital’s weight loss program- are skinny fat. The weight is OK but they are not healthy. Their cholesterol levels and other problems usually related to being overweight go through the roof. No muscle mass, no exercise habits. Huge digestive problems -not going to number two for weeks… for example, because of lack of fiber.

I gained 20 kilos here in Taiwan because of stress, oily food -fried stuff is foreign stuff in the ol country-, lack of exercise, unhealthy sleeping habits and uneven eating schedules, etc. But ever since I got here, when I was over 20 kilos lighter, I was told I was fat because I did not conform to the 45 kilo ideal. So even if I went back to my youthful self 20 years ago, it wouldn’t be enough for people here. However, it woyuld be good enough for me. My cholesterol and blood sugar levels are fine. No gout. If I lose more weight it will be better for my joints and a better diet helps the liver, too. Now, what I need to fix is my memory, where did I leave my pen?


Meh don’t care… :slight_smile:
Lots of other issues to deal with being fat is a global thing.


Bitter melon can actually be pretty good if it’s prepared properly, and the seeds are tasty. Then again, filet mignon it ain’t.


Bitter melon and salty duck egg = culinary genius.


I hope that’s sarcasm!


Nope it’s one of my favourite dishes and I actually do think some genius 2000 years ago must have been inspired. :eek:


2,000? Hey, China has 12,000 years of history, haven’t you heard?


Do you live outside of the urban areas?
In the cities, there’re lots American / Western food to be found.
Burgers, french fries, fried chicken, pizzas, steaks, coca-cola, sprite, etc.
Even 7-11 and Family Mart is selling the frozen ones above.


Yeah, but that stuff is mostly lame too, so I tend to stay away from it except for the occasional lapse in judgment.


Delete it


It is the daily dilemma: waht are having today? Deep fried glop, expensive reconstituted cafeteria glop, mystery meat fake Western glop, etc. It is so sad that there are so few afordable, delicious, filling and -hah!- even nutritious meals to be found in the cities, especially for those of us downtown.

I have like 4 semi decent choices around my office, and there are 5 days in a week. :cry:


To answer OP yes it is.


what are you looking for exactly? and what is reconstituted cafeteria glop ?


Time to get a steel bento box and start bringing your own biandangs to work.


I have an ongoing joke here at the office/factory by calling it a 大便當. And not because it’s big… :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be the pai gu.