Is picking on strangers' appearances a Taiwanese habit?


Not pu (poo) gu?


Pai goo.


Ikari and similar microwable glop. I imagine a TV tray being nuked and then they put it in a semi proper ceramic plate, if you are lucky.

You line up as if you were in a high chool or college cafeteria, swipe your meal card -accumulated value card-, wait for your stuff, eat it, and then deposit the leftovers and tray in a window.


are you talking about ikari cafe? or those canteen places?


Been there, done that. I cooked meals from teh ol country, Taiwanese cusine, heck even Indian. My cooking skills are going downhill and really, cooking for one is boring.

I am about to go back to my meals on wheels.


Maybe you can try what I do. I solve the problem by skipping lunch completely. Good for the wallet and good for the waist. Just have a hearty breakfast and a nutritious dinner and you’re good to go!


That’s cheating. Not all of us can provide our own milk to drink when we get hungry though.


First of all, skipping meals is quite unhealthy. It leads to overeating and weight gain.

Second, my stomach bacteria were nuked during the apendicitis incident, so I take good care of the ones left. And they need to be fed at regular intervals. Just a little is enough. But regular meals means the whole machinery keeps on churning right.


The udder is merely cosmetic.:slight_smile: But even for a grazing animal like me, two meals a day is enough. Lots of Buddhist monks do fine on one meal a day.


I don’t “skip meals,” I just eat two a day. Perfectly healthy if you pay attention to nutrition. Since I switched to two meals, I don’t overeat and don’t gain weight (in Taiwan, anyway).


Whenever people here comment on my tummy, I tell them how much money I spent on it.
Whatever makes them look poor.


This whole fiasco seems to be misunderstanding for the most part.

The casting director of Louis Vuitton has provided their side of the story. Her clothes were custom made to her measurements, unfortunately when she arrived in Tokyo, the outfit didn’t fit her any more. They didn’t have an atelier in Japan, so they couldn’t alter it on the spot, in the end they had to leave her off. Also, they never told her that she could only drink water, they told the models to drink lots of water because after a long flight, they might suffer from dehydration.

Their way of handling the cancellation was probably poorly done, but it was not like they didn’t give a girl in size 6 a chance as they did give her a look to walk for the show.


Being anorectic sounds healthy here. Seriously, I have seen girls with 1,60m of height and weighting 45kg. Their lunch meal is only 5 dumplings. They also take diet pills and do acunpucture for weight loss. Strangers will always pick on you. They don’t need to worry about other people’s weights. Because everyone has mirrors at home, they also can weight themselves regulary.They will not lose weight just because they are telling them this. They will lose weight because they wish for it. Some people are insecure about themselves. So, picking others are ways to relieve their own stress.


That doesn’t sound like something worth noting. I know people thinner than that.


true, if they are 160 and heavier than 50 kg then its considered fat.


If they are genetically thin, it is fine. But, did you read when I say they take fat pills, do acunpucture and only eats 5 dumplings each lunch? They also work out. I don’t think 5 dumplings are enough for someone who works out.


welcome to the ROC, Republic of Children [or Cowards]


You sure they go to the gym to work out? I thought that was a myth.


How much do you weight btw? Post a picture as a proof.


This happens in mainland China a lot. I can see family members do this in Taiwan (aunts, grandparents, parents) but didn’t think strangers would