Is progestin-only birth control available?

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I am moving to Taiwan soon from the United States. I am currently on a progestin-only birth control (mini-pill) called Camila. The generic name is norethindrone and the dose is 0.35 MG.

I take this birth control for my chronic migraines and I was wondering if it was available in Taiwan. I know that Taiwan has many varieties of birth control available without prescription in pharmacies, but I want to know if this specific formulation(progestin-only/no estrogen), is available. I have a prescription for the birth control in the States. I will be based in Kaohsiung, but I would be willing to go wherever in Taiwan to get it.

I so so appreciate it if you have gotten this far in the post!!! Thank you for your time and responses!!!:blush:

There seems to be a number of possibilities

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