Is Rachel Jeantel a man?

Is Rachel Jeantel a man, or just really ugly?

  • That’s a man, baby!
  • She’s fugly.
  • Stupid too.

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I was in Bangkok and saw a tranny in a 7 Eleven. Then I got home and saw Jeantel.So, I’m wondering.

Terrible assumption,however She does appear to have been severely beaten with the Ugly stick IMO. However she may be a lovely person. Oops ,sorry I just read this and I don’t think she is a lovely person.


What she says causes my head to shake violently on my neck so much so that I have no idea what she looks like. :tic:

I would worry more about her shitty testimony than whether she looks like a man, personally.

Are you the main witness in the prosecution? Did you lie under oath? Then why would we believe anything else that you’ve told us?

Zimmerman, you’re free to go!