Is rent in Taichung going down?

Just spent some time on the and noticed that rent seem a bit cheaper then it did 2 years ago. Is anyone noticing the same thing?

Customarily prices quoted online are lower than in reality - they try to draw you in by advertising false prices. It’s customary.

The older places are still cheap…13k/mth being an average I guess for them or places on the outskirts. Depends on location and age of building.

Its the rental agents that I don’t like to deal with, I always try to deal with the owner if posable. Some agents will pull the we already rented that place out stick. In da-dun I am seeing 35-40 ping places going for 15-18K I am used to seeing that go for the mid 20’s. I have a hunch that there is a lot of empty apartments in Taichung.

Well when I was looking last summer price negotiation usually went down from the listed price. Although some listings don’t specify the monthly maintenance fee upfront, I think all apartments have them. $13k/month sounds expensive for outskirts or old places. I pay that for a 2br apartment in a busy part of Nantun, and some co-worker’s I know in Xitun or Beitun are around $10k.

Well it obviously depends bedroom number and size and Guanli fei and parking space etc. Nantun is more expensive because of the schools and pavements. Anyway rent sure is cheap in Taichung!

Rent also REALLLLLY depends on area in Taichung.

Xitun, west district, overpriced.

Central district cheap, but its a shitty area.

Beitun cheap and is AWESOME, quiter and cleaner than much of this town.

We have a 3 bedroom, fully furnished (dunno abt ping, still dont understand the system) and we pay 11000

I have a friend with a STUDIO, fully furnished in west district who pays 9000.

So for a 3 bedroom we pay 60 more USD than the dude who has a studio…

Granted, there isn’t a bar around the corner owned by a westerner who caters to westerners…but didn’t really move to Taiwan to pretend I am still in crackerville.

We looked at a place here in Taipei two months ago that was clearly advertised as a “storefront” and had a price that was too good to be true. It was. When we went to look, we found out the owner had painted lines in the place and was using it as a parking lot for nearby businesses. The rental price was for each parking space. When we confronted them on their lying advertising, the real estate company hung up on us and didn’t answer after that. Online prices are dubious.

They do this also with the advertising of second hard cars. It’s VERY annoying.

what other websites are there?