Is Rugby Played in Taiwan?

I’m moving to Taipei in October for two years, and i’m a ruby fanatic. Is there anywhere I can play/coach as I have played to a highish level in Britain. thanks…

Don’t know what the level is like, but it looks like they have a few Pacific islanders and they do some Asian touring, which you might find fun. Click here for the link

They used to play it at Tai Da. There also used to be a bunch of mainly mad Frenchmen in or around Tienmu who called themselves with typical Gallic irony: the “Barbarians”

There is a Taipei rugby club. They go on tours and generally have heaps of fun. Although it send to be more of a drinking team with a rugby problem

the baboons are the foriegn team and from there you can suss out where to go with your code. the quality of rugby has improved over the years in the top level but still is below what we’re used to so coaching would be a bonus for teams here.
the tornaments in manila between ex pat teams and other places are good value
cheers mate