Is subbing legal?

Hey, so basically I will work in the afternoons only at my school. But it’s always good to get some more money later on. I’ve seen many posts on Facebook groups looking for sub teachers every now and then. I have an ARC but i’m wondering if it’s actually legal to sub classes? As my ARC says that I just work for one school.

I’m hoping to make some money in the mornings every now and then but worried I could run into some troubles. Wondering if anybody knows?

if you are on a work based ARC, subbing at other schools is illegal. Someone on APRC with an open work permit, spouse of a citizen on marriage based ARC, student with a part-time work permit, etc. can do it legally.

Okay I see, that makes sense. Is there any other way to make some money in my mornings legally?

I assume private one-on-one’s are easier as it’s close to impossible to check, but i’d rather do that when I have a little more experience teaching.

You can only work legally at the location on your ARC. Article 43 of the Empolyment Services Act:

Article 43
Unless otherwise specified in the Act, no foreign worker may engage in work within the Republic of China should his/her employer have not yet obtained a permit via application therefore.

Do not do this. You’ll get in a lot of trouble if you sub at another school. Your ARC would probably get cancelled and you’ll be sent back home.

Safest bet is just asking your school for more hours though.

Did you end up taking the HESS gig?

Yes I thought that would be the case, I suppose later in the year I can look into one-on-one teaching.

I did, I randomly found another teacher at that exact school and went out for coffee whilst I asked every question I could think of, sounds like a really great gig.

I suppose I got one of the good branches after all :slight_smile:

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Good. It indeed sounded a lot better than the other place you were considering.

Ask your branch manager if he can spare any more hours.

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Isn’t it still technically illegal for those, like working under the table? You work for a company under no contract and nobody declares the money earned.

No, nothing prevents you from declaring the income.

employees of Buxiban who interact to students should be registered or screened by authorities, so might be illegal, but I’m not sure on the temporal teachers. I think the law says something like within a certain period.

That’s an interesting question. As far as I know, regulation in this area only applies to schools and buxibans. It’s the school’s responsibility to report who’s working for them, and there’s no issue with reporting foreigners with work rights, who need to complete some screening processes like a police check.

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You can get two additional part time employers added to an employer sponsored ARC, but you have to get them added before you teach.

That’s right, isn’t it? Tricky to make it work with subbing unless it’s a school where you are going to sub regularly.

Only two additional buxibans? When did they change it from three?

Primary employer, plus two others. No?

The rule for buxibans (with a normal work permit) was 32h/w max, 14h/w min, primary employer 14h/w min, each additional employer 6h/w min, 14 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 32.

I do apologise. I had in my head primary employer at 14 hours and two part time gigs at 8 hours each.

My mistake

No worries. I don’t entirely keep up with these things, so maybe they’ve changed it anyway.