Is Taiwan in the upswing?


First off let me clarify that I’m haven’t moved to Taiwan yet and I’m not talking about economy per se. I’ve seen people here bitching about how a lot of stuff about Taiwan sucks, like a lot of stupid laws or how the buildings look like somebody took a dump on them, the list goes on. Basically the things that prevent Taiwan from being a developed country not just in name but in all aspects. So, my reasoning goes that Taiwan was super poor until a few decades ago so of course there is still a lot to be done. But are things getting better in your opinion? Do you think Taiwan will be on par with say Japan or New Zealand in next 20 or 30 years?


on par with japan? no chance. certain things are just about culture and thats not going to change in 100 years let alone 30.

things are continuously improving and changing in taiwan, i would say a lot more than back home. its just that certain things don’t really change that much. so it kind of depends what bothers you or not.

i don’t think the driving, pollution and corrupt work practices are going to change for a very long time, these are things i would like to see change but i don’t see it happening.


Dude OP, Taiwan has had stagnant wages and a terrible job market for over a decade. Plus, there’s economic and diplomatic isolation forced upon it by mainland China’s brutal policies, which are impossible to escape from and only seem to get worse with every passing year. Taiwan just recently lost its sole remaining diplomatic relationship in the world. When the Dominican Republic breaking up with you is cause for panic, then there’s a huge problem. Taiwan is a fantastic place in many respects, but you’re taking an extremely broad and simplistic view of a complex situation with many underlying issues you’re either overlooking or not aware of yet.


^No one is panicking over Dominican Republic other than you.


Then it’s kinda strange this thread has over 120 replies.


Yeah, like 6 foreigners are. Everyone else doesn’t care because Dominican Republic is about as irrelevant as it gets.


Well, it’s more the actual fact that Taiwan has ZERO relations with any country in the world that people are concerned about. If another country like Poland or Vietnam or wherever was the last to go, it’d be the same. So it’s not that people literally care about the Dominican Republic, but the geopolitical trend that’s occurring. But I’m pretty sure you knew that when you replied.


It’s been that way for decades. You talk as if it was some sort of recent development.


Ok, maybe I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t saying Taiwan would become on par with Japan, just wanted others take on this. IMO people are making it look worse than it is (lol what was that news quote about average income? “while 50K is statistically correct it doesn’t reflect reality” or something like that.), lots of curveballs but definitely doable. Economy-wise for example, Europe is not doing any better and Japan has been contracting for a while and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

And who cares about Dominican Republic? there is only one ally that matters and that’s the US.


I think the moral from people need to be educated , there are so many bad habit and thinking is not very well , for example : drop garbage or cigarette butt anywhere , taking the tooth brush from hotel way home , it almost appear in older people , like my mom :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it’s need more time to change those things , but first everything relate with politics . people need to know how to choose the right one who could do something better , we still learning .




OP, it’s impossible to answer this question without knowing what your situation is, where you are in life, and what you are looking for. For example, mentioning New Zealand as a comparison tells me you have no idea at all about Taiwan. Do some research, keeping in mind what you hope to gain by making the move. Pay a visit, see how it goes.


You are probably right but I couldn’t think of any other similar developed country besides Japan, and New Zealand was the next best thing I could come up with, as weird as that sounds. do you have any better suggestions? Italy? lol.
Also, MSc in engineering from a decent uni and looking for a place with chill people (I love working in my area of specialty so I don’t mind working a lot). Looking for PhD mostly (already got into unis in PRC, Taiwan, SK, Australia, New Zealand and Finland), not a 100 percent set on that yet. Prefer an easy to get job with decent pay over a high paying job that may or may not happen. Taiwan has the benefit of going on an adventure in a foreign culture and stuff but also not suck if I choose to stay. I could go to South Korea or Japan but I heard they are racist AF.


Some countries in Europe are doing well though. I would probably categorise them like this:

Tier 1: mid/high income, moderate debt, moderate growth, moderate to low unemployment, net brain gain
The Netherlands

Tier 2: mid/high income, moderate debt, low growth, moderate to low unemployment, net brain gain

Tier 3: mid income, high debt, low growth, high unemployment, moderate brain drain

Tier 4: low income, very high debt, very low growth, very high unemployment, severe brain drain

Tier 5: very low income, low debt, high growth, low unemployment, hardcore brain drain
Eastern Europe

Tier 6: very low income, very high debt, very low (or negative) growth, highest unemployment you’ll ever see, hardcore brain drain

Taiwan is doing better than tier 4, 5 and 6, tier 3 is debatable, and definitely worse than tier 1 and 2.


New Zealand. Go.


Taiwan’s matching Japan on birthrate, but well behind New Zealand on sheep per capita. That’s a surprising correlation.


Been borrowing Jotham’s time machine, have you? :confused:


Hey, time travelers are out and about right now, on their way to Stephen Hawking’s memorial.



The USA is an ally as long as Taiwan keeps buying outdated weapons from them which China will make quick work of in a few hours

If China invades, the USA will do nothing otherwise nukes fly . I hope no standoff ever occurs because it won’t be pretty… for anyone

Dominican republic may be irrelevant but it shows how irrelevant Taiwan is now a days too that China can throw money and buy them all off.


If that were true, this island would be part of China a long, long time ago. No one is going to start a nuclear war so cavalierly, and everyone knows it.