Is Taiwan racist?


how about you just move to a less shitholey area? i mean i don’t know exactly where you are living but first almost killed by fishermen who were not even gangsters, then threatened by real gangsters? it doesn’t sound like the best, safest or most welcoming place.

Prosecutor not acting upon pressing charges with video/audio recordings

like @DrewCutz said, Central Park is definitely not a shithole, and you can probably tell where my family lives from my id.
If by shithole, you mean Taiwan in general, then your problem is enlarged 1000 times.


Sounds like he has an overall beef with the place. I get it, and I also don’t get it. First stabbed by fishermen, and then shaken down by the mafia. He’s either the unluckiest foreigner in the whole island, or he’s a magnet for drama.


My wife agrees with me. She is Taiwanese, but she has lived in many other places. When I say that it is a shit hole I do not say it out of unhappiness. I say it because it is over polluted, racism is well around and fomented by the media (banana incident, me dealing with locals in Taitung, etc…), police is either useless or corrupted, society is racist and you will be a second class citizen no matter what because of your ethnicity, etc… (The media is clearly to me on a mission to bring hate towards foreigners while ramping nationalist spirits.) Maybe you guys do not go out of your homes or just go out to meet other foreigners or to travel a bit with your girlfriends, but I like to move around and I like to do it alone. Maybe I see things that you don´t see because you avoid confrontations and truly I know many people like you which is acceptable. But I stand for what is right and this is more acceptable than your comfortable positions and I see things for what they are. Many foreigners get fooled by the show good face mentality here, but I like to see through people. Maybe you show anger with me because you are denying how you really act, but that is your problem. Please dont blame me and appreciate someone who seems to be at a different level than you are. This goes for the last 3 posts, for the one talking about the mafia claim, that was the employee trying to bring fear upon my wife (she opened the door twice for her boss), in reality her boss was nothing but a punk.


Okay. If I were in your shoes, I’d probably be bitter about the place too.

I do know another Spanish guy who much prefers Taiwan to Spain, but whatever. :man_shrugging:

I would like to point out you make a lot of assumptions in your post about how the rest of us lead our lives compared to you. A tad self-serving and self-righteous as well, but carry on. I’m sure you don’t need advice from us. You are on a different level after all. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes I think it just comes down to how well people mesh with a culture. I’ve been in Taiwan over 20 years and I’ve never been in a confrontation like the ones @NachoPR has described in this thread. Then again, I don’t surf and I’ve never run a business, so I guess I’ve ruled out confrontations in these categories. I’m also not a meek person, and I’ve never hesitated to stand up for my rights should a conflict arise (including conflicts involving mafia types). Maybe you just have an aggressive vibe that rubs locals the wrong way?


Just turn off your brain and assume everyone is a brainlet retard. This applies for living anywhere.

Don’t even interact with locals my dude, inless they speak fluent English they aren’t worth your time tbqh.

All this air pollution turns everyone into retards. Just do you and don’t watch the news. Start trying to feel bad for these people rather then getting upset with them. Makes life here much more enjoyable.

Everyone is a dumbass and life is too short.

I also run multiple businesses here in the countryside and I deal with problems now by literally acting like an animal. I just close my eyes and yell at the sky in made up languages until people are too scared and go away. Or just pretend your chimping out on someone over the phone. I used to deal with the police and try to abid by the law, but there’s no use. Nothing gets accomplished.

Just call everyone you see Mama or Baba and be a fake patronizing dickhead, running a business will become a dream. :slight_smile::heart_eyes:


I don´t deal well with racism and even though many don´t show it, with the ones that do yes I get in a confrontation vibe.
I see that no one doubts the issues that I said: “racism is well around and fomented by the media (banana incident, me dealing with locals in Taitung, etc…), police is either useless or corrupted, society is racist and you will be a second class citizen no matter what because of your ethnicity, etc… (The media is clearly to me on a mission to bring hate towards foreigners while ramping nationalist spirits.)”
These are some very strong allegations that make any place a shit hole for at least the discriminated parties. Some places in Taiwan are very nice (especially when no racist around) like the big mountains and big trees in the middle of Taiwan or like the Hawaian views that one can enjoy when surfing in some places by the east coast (nothing on the west coast is worth mentioning due to pollution), but when living with racism and discrimination even the good places fade away. Everyone deals with racism in their own way, but I cannot take it.


what you think racism could be just a cultural difference, and racism could be everywhere.


You seem to be a magnet for drama. The stabbing, now this. I remember you saying you been in 3 other fights in Taiwan as well.


You’re white, right? How much racism are you actually enduring? I’m white and I’ve only had one incident you could call “racist” in my almost 3 years here. Not all awkward cultural interactions or business frustrations are due to racism.* I know, I know, you’ve been everywhere and are on a different level, yadda yadda*


I think you should listen more to this guy. He seems really cool and level headed. Wonder what happened to him:


As I said everyone deals on its own way. There is racism on this island and I am not talking about going outside on the street and someone telling me not to use the street, but I encountered issues and I show them here but you cannot argue them and instead you blame me. I say that it is you auto defending your cowardly.
People is ok, there are always good and bad people, but media on a discriminatory campaign and police on a corrupted against foreigners role makes this place a real shit hole. When back in the days blacks were discriminated in the US, those fighting for their rights encountered lots of drama and those kissing white folks feet would get by quite well. It is a different scenario but I see many similarities between your position and mine and that which I have just explained.


If you think others are racist and look for it, it’s going to be everywhere. Perhaps they are but unless you want to confront everyone, it’s best to just ignore it and live your life and let idiots go on with theirs.

But I’m not sure the racism white foreigners experience is on any equal footing to the shit African Americans went through.


Different scenario but both dealt with racism at their levels.
Two issues that I had that lead to the news showed a clear crocked favoritism to the Taiwanese. Am I suppose to say is ok…? Three issues that I had with the police show them to be corrupted and discriminatory. Am I suppose to say is ok…?
It is what it is. Asian societies are very racists and nationalist and I criticize them for this. You people criticizing me for it shows that there is something wrong with you. You will have your reasons…


I think this is somehow discriminatory or colonial attitude.

And police on a corrupted against foreigners/locals might not be due to racism.


In what country would you say they wouldn’t hold some biases in favor of the native population?

No one is saying there is no racism and countries in Asia are not nationalistic. But it seems you are struggling with the reality of things more than others. And tbh I would say being a white foreigner here provides you with more benefits than none whites going to other countries.


It’s horrible what happened to you in Kenting and you have my sympathies. But you are really flushing away any good will I had for you with each new post. :confused:


Are you saying he’s being discriminatory for telling the truth, that Asian societies are highly racist and nationalistic?

Because that is the self evident truth.
It is absolutely the bottom line in most Asian countries.

You don’t get to fight back by saying he’s discriminating against discriminators .

I would just add as a voice of moderation that as Asian societies go Taiwan fortunately has little religious discrimination .
Also there’s almost no nationalism in Taiwan in reality (both a good and bad thing ). There is plenty of ‘we’ versus ‘you’ though.

The guy bursting into the shop like that , you just threaten him back next time off record say you have your own connections . 99% of these guys are blowhards. And then fire a few lawsuits at him for threats, damaging your property etc. Police are pretty useless here but it’s very easy to sue people.


According to Wikipedia, Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.

I don’t think Asian societies are more racist than western societies.