Is Taiwan racist?


No, you and rocket accused me of being racist. Zero connection besides you wanting to think I’m racist. Flag the comment then? Racism is against the rules as far as I know. Flag it.


You’re going to make @the_bear cry by ignoring his contribution.

Or do you have a problem with bears too?


He never said I was racist.


I was convinced that this comment is not racist, but very discriminatory, so edited my post. And I am surprised that @tempogain gave it a pass.

“I just don’t trust people from the 3rd world to do anything important. They tend to not value the dignity of human beings as much amongst other things.”

And for purpose of clarification, I didn’t say you are racist, just said the statement is racist discriminatory.


I’m out of the loop a bit here. Who said that people from “3rd world countries can’t be trusted to do anything important?” Because that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while.

Two words for whoever said that: Opportunity and privilege. Both usually lacking in 3rd world countries. Give them an opportunity for a decent education and they’ll thrive.

Doesn’t reflect the people at all. Rome wasn’t built in a day and countries take time to develop. We’re all people at the end of the day.


And then I proceeded to further explain my position.

I weigh every information i have in hiring people, I don’t throw it out to prevent hurt feelings, too much is on the line for some of them. I didn’t say anyone is disqualified automatically and I refuse to hire anyone.


No one said what you said.


Fix your formatting, you make it look like @tando made the grossly prejudiced comment when it was really you


Ok it has nothing to do with they are incapable of thriving. It has nothing to do with their innate abilities. I’m saying based on limited information, a reasonable person may use where they are from to help make the decision. I’m not saying with a bunch of information I don’t hire someone based on where there are from as the only thing that automatically disqualify. When hiring, you have a limited number of positions with a bunch of candidates. Any information that you can gather helps even 1% better. I’m not saying I will never hire someone either.


@tando didn’t say this, you said this.


Speak for yourself, bub.

Oh, and sorry about your dog.


We are ALL individuals :smirk:


We are all unique. Think about that.


I’m not.


This is because of racism in Taiwan. If it was the other way around and you were a Taiwanese living in Europe, your kids would feel Europeans. I have seen this 10 out of 10 in Spain with Chineses and in USA withe every race/country

They get the worse part here due to Taiwanese racism.


my kids’ country was my home country when we were in USA too.


Fellas, I think that you are all missing the main danger. Sure Taiwan is racist and I dont really give a crap what others may think about me. Not making money out of taiwaneses may help for this. However, the main thing are the dangers that I may find in this society and from my experience these have been the prejudice in police and the prejudice in the media. The banana peel example is a representation. And not having public officials or citizens criticize such posture is another sign that one day it could be you receiving such negative prejudice against you.


USA is made out of immigrants. 99% of their sons and daughters don´t want to leave.


Taiwanese, and maybe many Asian, are more insensitive to racism than westerners, but it is different from they are more racist than westerners, IMO.

there may be 1 % that you haven’t seen.


Can we just say “YES” and close the thread. Taiwan is racist because Taiwan is people and people are racist. It’s not black or white, it’s grey. Everyone is racist or guilty of stereotyping or profiling to a certain degree. Those who disagree, and believe they are not racist, are deluding themselves.

Alternatively, we could leave this open to more stories of being treated or perceived better or worse due to our race. But that gets redundant and negative.